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Stop The Flavour Ban - Sign The Petition
Flavour is a game-changer, aiding countless individuals in kicking the habit of smoking, which tragically claims over 8 million lives each year as reported by the WHO. The looming threat of a flavourban isn't just about taste; it hits close to home for all of us. That's why we're standing up and fighting back with a petition. However, there's a real risk that our voices alone won't be enough to sway decision-makers. The proposed ban directly infringes upon the freedom of choice for adult vapers and overlooks the significant health benefits associated with flavoured e-liquids. Join us in opposing this ban, because everyone deserves the right to choose a healthier alternative.
Have Your Say in Shaping the Future of Vaping! - Gov Consultation on Youth Vaping
You may have heard the government are having a consultation on "Creating a smoke-free generation."

 While we all want a smoke-free Britain, and I don't think my opinion on disposable vapes is any secret whatsoever - this possible incoming legislation has the potential to impact vaping as we know it - If they decide to hit the whole industry with a hammer rather than tackle the problematic areas (Youth Vaping and indirectly .. well ok absolutely directly Disposable vapes), with thoughtful and harm reduction minded approach.

More on that below - please take the time to fill out the Department Of Health & Social Care consultation - it's 10 minutes to help safeguard your vaping.
The LVE (Formerly Lost Vape) Orion II Vape Device Pod Kit? - Initial Thoughts

The Orion II Vape Kit from LVE - quality and thought has gone into the vape kit.

This is most defo no cheap POD system, from the very minute you see the box - the whole thing screams quality. The front of the box has a frankly unnecessary moving holographic image on the front that is nonetheless as cool as a cucumber, and the inside of the box and layout etc absolutely says that someone has put some real time and love into the development and overall finish of this product. It has an almost “Apple” feel about it - if Apple were less minimalist.

Opinion : The Uwell Caliburn GK2 versus The Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit

The Caliburn AK2 and GK2 Pod systems - which is better if either?

Both of these great little vape POD kits have for's and against's - these are my thoughts and opinions after several weeks of using both PODS heavily.

Spoiler : both are a much better option than a disposable vape!

Disposable Vape Alternatives, its time to switch it up.

I do realise largely as Manabush users - who tend as a rule to be long term seasoned vapers - that I'm preaching to the choir here, but who doesn't love their own echo chamber?

But it is we - the long term seasoned vapers that can help to an extent guide the disposable user onto something a little more worthwhile for their pocket and the planet.

Rebuildable Vape Tanks for Noobs - Wrapping a simple round wire Coil

A simple guide to wrapping your own simple round wire coils for Rebuildable vape tanks. 

Part of our Rebuildable Vape Tanks for Noobs series of tutorials.

Why make my own Coils?

This skill is really the first stepping stone to rebuildable atomiser greatness - and in terms of MTL atomisers and tanks may very well be the only skill you need to reduce your coil outlay from £100-£300 pounds a year to about a Fiver!

Rebuildable vape tanks for Noobs : Intro - Why rebuild, and why you should.

A series of articles introducing you to the world of rebuildable vape atomisers and rebuildable vape tanks including tutorials and breakdowns on the benefits and pitfalls of rebuildable - and why you should give them serious consideration.

Including articles How to make coils and how to re-wick Vape tanks - for the beginner.

Looking around now at the vast amount of vaping equipment available on the market - from starter kits and Pods to high end rebuildable devices, there is a device to suit everyone out there, and a use and legitimate reason for each and everyone of those device types.

Opinion : Coffee Eliquid, is there a better combination than Coffee and Tobacco?

The Manabush owner waxes lyrical about his love of Coffee and the place of coffee flavour in e-liquid and vaping. Spoiler - he likes a Coffee Tobacco, unsurprisingly.

Coffee! I love it, Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White, Cortado - you name the Coffee style and I’m a fan.

Opinion : PODs vs Tanks and Atomisers, and why I think more people should be using rebuildables.

The Manabush Owner rants incoherantly about the evils of POD devices, The Gods given awesomeness of rebuildables, the futility of life and our impact on Climate Change, all from a completely uneducated, utterly biased and personal viewpoint.

I have seen a few posts on forums of late that have really got me thinking about the whole vaping hardware situation. In relation to PODs, Atomisers and Tanks etc.

There is to date a bewildering array of hardware to choose from now, if I think back to the start of my vaping journey and unbelievable amount in fact.



Opinion : What are the best MTL Atomisers Tanks for MTL Vaping?

The Manabush owner waxes lyrical on his personal opinion on the best affordable MTL re-buildable atomisers in general and what his recommendations are for Manabush MTL E-liquids equipment wise.

"MTL or Mouth to lung vaping - its how vaping started, and it’s still as popular today as it ever was. There was a big blip a couple of years ago where it became very difficult to find MTL gear for awhile - during the Sub-ohm cloudy revolution, but with the advent of todays POD and AIO systems and a resurgence in MTL specific atomisers and kit, MTL is definitely here to stay."

What Are The Different Types Of Eliquids? Shortfills, 10ml and TPD Explained.

Shortfills, nic shots, what are they about? We lead you through this sometimes-confusing aspect of e-liquids.

Styles Of Vaping, Are There Different Ways To Use An Electronic Cigarette?

With so many options available, what is the difference using an electronic cigarette to vape mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping?

There are many different pieces of electronic cigarette equipment, and each type is geared to a different vaping style. In this article we will explain the difference between Mouth to Lung and 

Direct to Lung vaping, the kind of liquids and equipment most suitable for each, and which one might be right for you.

New Website - New Spiritwalker, New Brand "Likitless" and New Indigéne Eliquid Flavours!
This weekend we have four new Spiritwalker Reborn flavours - two of which never seen before. Also .. the wait is over! A new Indigéne Eliquid flavour.

ON top of this - we hope you like our new site design! designed to be easier to find your way around. To celebrate we have Bank Holiday weekend Price reductions from now until Midnight Bank Holiday Monday. An ideal time to try our new flavours!
What Is E-liquid?

Manabush is a truly independent company that has been delivering quality e-liquids to the vaping market since electronic cigarettes took off in the United Kingdom. Many smokers and ex-smokers have many questions about juice and we are delighted to have this opportunity to address some of the important ones.

The Manabush Vape Cafe

Manabush Vape Cafe - an Invitation

We are proud to announce the opening of our new "MANABUSH VAPE CAFE".

Situated in Mapperley Nottingham - The Manabush Vape Cafe invites you into a chilled Vape lounge atmosphere.

Serving a wide selection of Coffee, Tea and Cold Drinks as well as E-Liquid from all the best manufacturers and a selection of hardware, we also provide comfortable seating for you to sit and relax.

FireWater - A New Range From Manabush
Launching with three flavours, the brand new Fire Water range aims to explore how far we can take cigar style tobaccos while providing an authentic and satisfying experience for all tobacco flavour cognoscenti.
Manabush, Bunkr at Vaper Expo in Birmingham 2017
Manabush and its related ranges will be exhibiting alongside Sherwood Print (liquid box and PIL Leaflet providers) on star S3A at VaperExpo Birmingham from May 26th, 27th and 28th May 2017. We look forward to seeing you if you are...