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  • The Orion II Vape Pod Kit - Initial Thoughts review
    January 19, 2023 Martyn ZombieTuesday

    The LVE (Formerly Lost Vape) Orion II Vape Device Pod Kit? - Initial Thoughts

    The Orion II Vape Kit from LVE - quality and thought has gone into the vape kit.

    This is most defo no cheap POD system, from the very minute you see the box - the whole thing screams quality. The front of the box has a frankly unnecessary moving holographic image on the front that is nonetheless as cool as a cucumber, and the inside of the box and layout etc absolutely says that someone has put some real time and love into the development and overall finish of this product. It has an almost “Apple” feel about it - if Apple were less minimalist.

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  • The Role of Tobacco Flavourings In tobacco Eliquid
    October 19, 2022 Ann-Marie Franklin

    Tobacco Eliquid, The Role of Tobacco Flavourings in the E-liquid Industry

    Tobacco flavour Eliquids, and tobacco flavourings in other vape juice - is there any more a maligned vape flavouring than tobacco flavours?

    Discussing the use of tobacco style flavour compounds in Tobacco and other juices.

    I hear a lot of people saying tobacco flavours they have tried etc are too chemical tasting or harsh .. or generally just unpalatable. I personally believe this is just down to application. Tobacco flavouring compounds are just like any other flavouring compound

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  • Alternatives to Disposable vapes
    June 1, 2022 Martyn ZombieTuesday

    Disposable Vape Alternatives, its time to switch it up.

    I do realise largely as Manabush users - who tend as a rule to be long term seasoned vapers - that I'm preaching to the choir here, but who doesn't love their own echo chamber?

    But it is we - the long term seasoned vapers that can help to an extent guide the disposable user onto something a little more worthwhile for their pocket and the planet.

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  • Why we say no to disposable vapes
    May 20, 2022 Martyn ZombieTuesday

    Disposable Vapes and why we say no.

    Why we encourage you - the prospective vaper to look deeper, save yourself some money .. save some landfill, have less of an effect on the planet and get a reusable device ... your choice of E-liquid flavours will literally go up by thousands .. and it will probably cost you the same for ten days worth of vaping as what you are normally spending a day on disposables.
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  • An article on winding your own simple vape coils - from our Rebuildable Vape Tanks for Noobs series
    August 18, 2021 Martyn ZombieTuesday

    Rebuildable Vape Tanks for Noobs - Wrapping a simple round wire Coil

    A simple guide to wrapping your own simple round wire coils for Rebuildable vape tanks. 

    Part of our Rebuildable Vape Tanks for Noobs series of tutorials.

    Why make my own Coils?

    This skill is really the first stepping stone to rebuildable atomiser greatness - and in terms of MTL atomisers and tanks may very well be the only skill you need to reduce your coil outlay from £100-£300 pounds a year to about a Fiver!

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  • Rebuildable vape tanks for Noobs Why rebuild, and why you should.
    August 15, 2021 Martyn ZombieTuesday

    Rebuildable vape tanks for Noobs : Intro - Why rebuild, and why you should.

    A series of articles introducing you to the world of rebuildable vape atomisers and rebuildable vape tanks including tutorials and breakdowns on the benefits and pitfalls of rebuildable - and why you should give them serious consideration.

    Including articles How to make coils and how to re-wick Vape tanks - for the beginner.

    Looking around now at the vast amount of vaping equipment available on the market - from starter kits and Pods to high end rebuildable devices, there is a device to suit everyone out there, and a use and legitimate reason for each and everyone of those device types.

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  • Sub Ohm (DTL) Direct To Lung Vaping
    August 11, 2021 Martyn ZombieTuesday

    Direct To Lung DTL Vaping - what is it.

    In the early days, everybody switching to vaping used an electronic cigarette that delivered a variation of tight mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. With the development of subohm coils, tanks, and high-power mods, the niche cloud competition style of vaping became a mainstream direct to lung (DTL) vaping phenomenon.

    Read more about it here.

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