Rebuildable vape tanks for Noobs : Intro - Why rebuild, and why you should.

Intro : A series of articles aimed at introducing new users to the world of rebuildable vape atomisers and rebuildable vape tanks including tutorials and breakdowns on the benefits and pitfalls of rebuildables - and why you should give them serious consideration.


Looking around now at the vast amount of vaping equipment available on the market - from starter kits and Pods to high end rebuildable devices, there is a device to suit everyone out there, and a use and legitimate reason for each and everyone of those device types.

For instance, you are going on a long train journey with a work meeting at the end. There is not going to be a great deal of time to stop and get out your huge dual battery mod with re-buildable device on the top - and maybe you also don’t want to be seen by your work peers with such a device - this is a perfect situation for a small discrete POD system.

On the other hand your everyday main device - to my mind needs to be something that gives you the best flavour and nicotine delivery (especially for a newer switcher from smoking - things like this really make a difference for the terminally tobacco addicted) - and while there are a lot of good stock coil atomisers and even some PODS out there they come with a cost, and you know health reasons aside, one of the reasons a lot of people stop smoking is the cost. Who wants to replace one expensive habit with another?

Enter the Rebuildable Atomiser or Rebuildable Tank if you prefer. 

These items are nothing new - in fact if you started vaping any more than three or four years ago, if you wanted any kind of spot on flavour at all rebuildables were pretty much the only way to do it. Sure stock coil tanks were available and they were pretty good (situation - great for a night out) but none of them could touch the flavour and above all running cost of a good rebuildable.

For me personally that still holds true today, and with even inexpensive (£5-£10) for a pack of five type coils (which won’t give as good a flavour as a rebuildable as a general rule) - a good sweet juice is still gonna have you crowing through that pack of coils in short order.

On top of that (and I have outlined this before in THIS blog post) in this day and age - as we become more aware of climate change and global warming - and our waste impact on the planet, there is something to be said for keeping vape waste to as much of a minimum as possible.

Actually I don’t think stock coils are too bad waste wise, made from metal and cotton - and maybe a small amount of rubber - their impact is nothing like the waste from a plastic POD in landfill or even worse, a disposable POD complete with Lithium battery! I know they are popular - but I really cant get my head around that! - just seems so .. antithetical to everything we are being told.

Climate rant aside - lets make a comparative very rough cost analysis of running PODS, stock Coils and rebuildables.

So lets say you are a heavy Vaper (hey most of us are!) and .. well your on the Manabush site - so lets say you like a sweet tobacco juice.

In a POD - frankly you are not getting more than 3 days out of a POD - sure some of you may stretch to a week … but are you enjoying those last 2 or 3 days ?

Stock coils .. you are gonna get nearer a week to 10 days - so thats a bonus .. though I suspect its getting a bit chewy towards the end of the 10 days.

Rebuildables .. well you could if you wished stretch it to the time of a stock coil - but why would you ? All you have to do is pull the cotton out .. dry burn the coil gently rinse it under the tap pulse it again to dry it off and stick a new bit of cotton in. 5 minutes max.

So costs wise  : 

Lets take some of the popular systems and work it out that way. - I will mention no names.

Pods Price average - £8 - £15 for 4 pods

Stock coils price average - 5 pack .. around a tenner.

Rebuildable supplies : 

Roll Of wire : around three quid for about 10 meters - that is a LOT of coils

Cotton - varies hugely, but lets say roughly £2 - £3 (I use Muji - thats about 7 quid for a bag that has lasted me nearly 4 years)

If you do not want to roll your own coils … a pack of pre wound coils is around 3.99 for 10.

So to me I work that out as - if you are vaping hypothetically vaping the one flavour that lasts as above and without the cost of the juice.

PODS - roughly £3.24 every 3 to five days - lets be generous and say 5 - so 65p a day - £4.55 a week.

Stock Coils - lets say a week .. so at 8.99 a pack fo five - £1.79 a week - a big improvement on the PODS

Rebuildables - this could be tricky I generally use 10cm to 12cm of wire per coil (there is a bit of waste .. so for ease .. lets say 10 and call it 3 quid for 10 meters. Thats a hundred coils out of a 10meter roll. So 0.03p per coil - cotton - I use Muji … lets use our Japanese cotton - which is 0.70p a bag .. five sheets - I can get around 12 coils out of a sheet (I’ve long perfected the art of making it go far - split it … save the ends) - it works out just over a penny per wick.

So each wick and coil costs : 4p - I can get (lets say I’m being really fussy about flavour) - 3 days out of that bit of cotton and coil. HOWEVER - the coil is not immediately disposable .. I can dry burn and reuse that coil without taking it out of the atomiser a load of times - at least 10 .. but lest say 5 to be generous (I know people who NEVER change them) - this would make the coils value per lifespan 0.006p per re- wick .. over a week if you did it twice that is 1.2p

So if you are building your own coils - thats makes it 1.2p plus 2p of cotton (1p per wick) 

3.2p per week thats Three point two pence per week !

Out of interest - if you are using pre wound coils in your rebuildable - lets see what that would be - 3.99 a pack of 10 (which you can dry burn and reuse as above) = so 40p each as near as dammit. Using the same shoddy method I used above to work how much that come to a re-wick … 8p per re-wick. + 2p of cotton 

Ten Pence a week! Still a HUGE saving.

On top of that .. the flavour is almost ALWAYS better.

In conclusion then ( I realise the above idiot based mathematics was getting a bit hard to follow) 

Pods per week : £4.55 - £236.6 a year

Stock Coils per week : £1.79 - £93.08 a year

Rebuildable (wind your own) : 4.2p per week - £2.19 a year

Rebuildable (Pre wound) - 10p per week. - £5.20 a year

The numbers are quite staggering ... 

When you add to these huge savings better flavour and less landfill waste - it all seems a no brainer to me.

Do bear in mind this was a hypothetical situation - and it will vary with juice, usage , different pod, coil types etc. This was based on MTL vaping, but although scaled up - I suspect the same level of cost savings would be achieved with DTL vaping.

So with that in mind - I am moved to encourage as many people as possible to swap to Rebuildable Vape Tanks - its a revelation once you do. Keep your eyes on this section, We will be making tutorials etc to help those who want to make the transition. 

Next - How to wind a simple round wire coil.

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