Introducing Deadwood Blends: A Symphony of Sweet Dessert Pastry Tobacco E-liquids


Deadwood Blends - A new Dessert Tobacco E-liquid Range from Manabush.

We have been feeling nostalgia for the E-Liquid Industry and vaping community as it was over a decade ago when we first started crafting bespoke E-liquids.

Back then, there was a real feel of the Wild West to E-liquid production; the Industry and scene were full of mavericks and characters. Anyone who has been involved in the community for that length of time will know that contrary to what the media would have you believe and contrary to popular thought - the Vape Industry was started and maintained by enthusiasts and independent small companies - Big Tobacco and Big Pharma didn't even take it seriously at first. Big Vaping didn't even really exist.

With those thoughts playing through our mind - we wanted to revisit our roots - and bring out a new range of e-liquids based upon our founding philosophy of tobacco e-liquid creation at the time. 

There were tobacco vapes and dessert vapes, and we wanted back then to combine the two - and use the dessert flavours to round off the edges of the harsher tobaccos and create something that sat firmly between the two worlds. As you know, the result was the very original Nokomis Range - containing what we still believe - having found no evidence to the contrary to be the very first tobacco custard - the multi-award-winning Powwow Sauce.

Over that time, circumstance has forced us to rework the Nokomis range several times - and I know that a lot of you will agree that while still a great range - there is little beating its very first iteration.

Enter Deadwood Blends - A new range of dessert tobacco E-liquids - built upon the same philosophy as the Nokomis Range - but with different tobaccos and different dessert bases - making a new, totally different Tobacco Dessert E-liquid range for modern times.

All five of the deadwood blends tobacco e-liquids

By adopting a name to memorialise the Wild-West beginnings of the e-liquid industry, we have created a range that appeals to fans of both dessert and tobacco vapes. This range cannot be pigeonholed in either category. It has been purposefully developed to change depending on what device or wattage you use - or even just what mood you are in.  Sometimes, it's more a dessert - sometimes, it's more a tobacco. 

Launching with 5 Flavours - whose names are all a nod to the wild west beginnings of the industry - we are thrilled to announce Deadwood Blends - Sweet Dessert tobacco E-liquids. A great addition to our Tobacco E-liquids to our ever-growing catalogue of the best tobacco vape juice in the UK.

Deadwood Blends - Deadwood 50ml Shortfill Tobacco E-liquid

Deadwood Blends - Dessert, Pastry, Tobacco - All in One Bottle

Deadwood Blends is a range of e-liquids that blurs the boundaries between tobacco and dessert flavours. Crafted with precision and passion, Deadwood Blends combines the robust essence of tobacco with the indulgence of pastry and other delightful notes, resulting in a collection that transcends the ordinary.

Based on Our Original Philosophy
  • Philosophy in Every Drop: Deadwood Blends is born from our original philosophy, a fusion of over a decade of expertise in tobacco blends for the e-liquid industry. We believe in going beyond conventional boundaries, creating e-liquids that are more than the sum of their parts.

Complexity Redefined

  • Multilayered Complexity: Deadwood Blends refuses to be confined to a singular category. Is it a dessert, or is it a tobacco blend? The answer is both. Depending on your choice of device, wattage, and the whims of your taste buds, Deadwood Blends offers a multifaceted experience, revealing different facets of its flavour profile with every puff.

Deadwood Blends - What's In the Range?

  1. Deadwood - Sweet Dessert Tobacco E-liquid.
    The base flavour of the range - Deadwood Offers a Pastry Dessert Tobacco E-liquid that refuses to sit nicely in any category but changes with every inhale - keeping you coming back for more.

  2. Prairie Dawn - Tobacco Custard Pastry E-liquid
    We did it once (or several times!) - we can do it again! This E-liquid is a reimagining of our famous Powwow Sauce, yet - it is very different - richer and more profound.

  3. Nigh Noon - Sweet Tobacco, Nuts, Caramel
    Our fabulous Deadwood base flavour has a  delightful rendezvous of sweet tobacco, nuts, and caramel, at once familiar - yet very different.

  4. Wild Bil - Tobacco, Pastry, Whisky, and Cream E-liquid
    Indulge in the wild side with this e-liquid featuring a bold combination of tobacco, pastry, whisky, and cream. This is the Bad Boy of the bunch - an ideal evening treat.

  5. Calamity AM - Tobacco, Pastry, Almond, Fig, and Vanilla Cream
    A harmonious blend of tobacco, pastry, and a medley of delightful flavours, including almond, fig, and vanilla cream. Deep yet lightened by the cream and fig.

Of course, as usual, all the above are available in a full range kit - complete with Nic Shots at a reduced price compared to buying them individually.

We are rather pleased with the range - and we hope you like it as much as we do!

Deadwood Blends - The Full Range

A Note On "Steeping" Your Deadwood Blends Range Tobacco E-liquid

The Deadwood Blends Range of dessert tobacco e-liquids, more than any other range we have made, requires some "steep" time - because of the complexity and layered nature of the juice, the flavour vastly improves when allowed to develop with the nicotine from the nic shot mixed in with it. We recommend at least a week, preferably two, to get the full benefit from the flavour profiles of this delicious e-liquid. Once you have added your nic shots (see below), put the whole thing in a cupboard and forget about it for as long as you can be patient - you will notice the colour change and the e-liquid will become somewhat darker - this change tends to coincide with the deepening and development of the flavour.


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