Cola E-Liquid


      Faithful re-creations of Traditional Cola based drinks. Cola made from the Kola nut is a refreshing sweet and tangy flavour, our Cola E-liquids are created to taste more like the proper UK traditional drink than mass produced cans.

      This selection includes our Cola E-Liquid from the Divergent ranges, and covers flavours from Traditional Cola itself to Cola Eliquids flavoured with fruits and Floats and Even Kumquat, unusually we also have some tobacco liquids with Cola as a flavouring - which lends itself surprisingly well.

      Available here in 50ml Shortfills and 30ml Shortfills (ideal for 3 and 6mg vapers respectively) and all come with the Nicshots required to make the full bottle of some of the best Cola vape juice.

      This range is suitable for both MTL and Sub-Ohm Vaping.

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      Why vape Cola E-liquid? 

      It would seem a strange flavour to put in an Electronic cigarette Cola, and yet Cola and flavoured Cola Eliquids are one of some of the most popular vapes.

      From our perspective the Slightly Sour yet refreshing flavour of a good traditional Cola flavoured E-liquid is an ideal base to build other flavours on top of, a bit like how we use tobaccos.

      For ourselves and our customers, Cola is also and ideal counter flavour to freshen the palette in between vaping tobaccos and heavy dessert flavours.

      We have plenty of different cola vape juice for you to try, and even some collaborations with other companies eliquid.