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Rocking the rhubarb !

I'm not a fruity fella, more of a baccy bloke.
Very pleasantly surprised with this brew...layered, just the right tartness, and very, very moreish.
Another chuffing one to add to my Manabush list.
Martyn, please stop it, you're bankrupting me ! ;-)

Wow wow powwow

It's just the Don darios Italiano boss of all vapes. Even if you think you don't "do" tobacco vapes, this stuff is just nectar. It's been epic for decades, and will be epic for decades to come. Many people over the years have waxed lyrical about this juice and that juice, but THIS is truly exceptional. Do yourself a favour and get some. I won't be a twonk and suggest it will change your life. But it will put a serious smile on your face

The Custard I've waited for.

I've been a big fan of custard vapes for a long time, I'm fact it was probably one of my first eliquids over a decade back. The problem I've had is most decent custard have been largely only been available in higher vg options. The Custard eliquids aimed at lower vg vapers have been very simple and a tad dull or sickly. Enter The Raven from Ushers Custards. The 60/40 vg/pg shortfill option allows you to add either higher by nic shots more suited to dtl vapers or higher pg nic shots for mtl fans. Perfect. I've been vaping this in a mtl kayfun tank and wow. This is no simple vanilla custard. There's a deep shape shifting base which is reminiscent of a posh hand made custard with slightly caramelized sugars and soft rich real vanilla end which is smooth and coats your mouth as if you've just eaten your favourite classic custard coated pud. The flavour of custard is often lost when vaping for a long time but no such worries here, The Raven keeps delivering all day. A masterclass is custard blending. Give it a go, you won't regret it.

Omusa - perfect

This is another top vape from Manabush Nakomis Range - I just can't get enough of it. I'm putting it through a Sensis EZ and get a lovely, deep tobacco, gentle throat hit with touches of the other flavours dancing in the background. What a beautiful vape!

My favourite Manabush brew...

Never tasted anything like it, and love it to bits. Is my favourite complex baccy blend.
I tip my cap to the many months, and brewer collababration, that arrived at this excellent vape.
Like this ? Try Deepsouth and Blag Flag Risen...

A pleasantly unusual tobacco vape

A very nice tasting liquid, a good all day vape. If you are a tobacco vapor like me you will like this juice. Not overly sweet would recommend this eliquid.

Amazing taste

I was recommended this by Martyn at the company with the ice Nic and what an amazing combo - that good I ordered another 2 - happy days


I really love this company so much, quality products, excellent service and amazing all round - 10/10

Nut Custard

Always my go to flavour. Nothing else quite hits the same spot

I welcome the Manabush time machine...

I missed this first time around, and have tried a shed load of RY4 flavours since.

Kinda glad I did, 'cos this one blows all of the others out of the water. Super good, as is the Deep South.

Respect to South Coast Vapes, and a big thumbs up to Manabush, the tobacco and juice resurrection kings.

Cheers, M. ;-)


OK here's my honest opinion.Delivery was good and fuss free as usual with Manabush.Nipple juice though to me,is nothing more than a muted hint of strawberry milkshake than an actual flavour.Maybe because the use by batch date 05/24 was OK for one maybe two days when I received it.So yes I'm disappointed.

Hey Ashley
As mentioned via text - this juice haswas only made for the first time in years in may - there was a mistake in the label printing for the Best Before date. rectified now!

Sorry you dont like the juice!


70VG Ice Nic Shot 18mg
Gennaro Meriano
Amazing and simple

I finally got my shot and mixed it with a berry flavour and the outcome was truly amazing. I can choose the amount that I want mix it up and enjoy both the shots and the flavour at the same time. I highly recommend this.

Simply the best

I was a big fan of the original powwow but this is beats it for me, also great service from these guys order is always received the next working day, would recommend.

$5 shake more like $5 take my money

Absolutely belting take on a classic (super creamy) strawberry milkshake.
Lashings of thresh thick & I mean thick cream with this one. A very clean liquid not heavy on coils at all, a must for any milkshake connoisseur....

Lush Taste

Def a lovely flavour and when you vape this you truly can taste the custard with hints of nuts - loved it

Deepsouth rises again...

"Deepsouth tobacco E-liquid is most assuredly one for the Manabush Fans" - couldn't agree more, it's delicious, and puts me in mind of Black Flag Risen.

A splendid addition to the Manabush family, and a fantastic idea to resurrect some of these Old School flavours.

Bargain lovers take note...

If you're a tight arse like me, and don't like paying full price, this is a great opportunity to try summat you're not familiar with.

Ignore the BBD's, stick it in a cool, dark cupboard and they last for ages.

The Sgwarnog is particularly good. :-)

Return of a Classic

PF Vapes where one of the first British high quality liquids I found back nearly a decade ago and I absolutely loved them. It was a heartbreaker when they shut up shop, so I'm so happy manabush have brought them back and Wow, they are exactly as they were back in the day. Spot on, more for note. Lemon grab was always a huge favourite. A biscuit base flavour smothered with a balanced sweet/acidic lemon topping. The kind of lemon in a lemon drizzle cake. Can not recommend enough. I certainly won't be without some now it's back. Oh and the vg/pg level choice is genius. Just add the appropriate nic shot and it's good for either mtl or dtl. Tastes great either way.

Nokomis on steroids

I’m finding this one a lot sweeter and has more depth in the maple/biscuit tones. Not sure how they do it but it’s Absolutely gorgeous, my go to with a cuppa in the mornings. Makes me want to vape more & I’m not a heavy vaper. These aren’t just any tobacco vapes, these are Manabush vapes ;)
Keep up the great work Manabush 👍🏻

Can’t believe it’s taken so long to find this

I’m a huge Firewater No2 fan and recently had chance to try a 50ml bottle of No4.
I wasn’t sure what to expect but wow. The sweetness of the caramel mixed with the tobacco, bourbon and nuts makes for a lovely all day vape. I couldn’t resist filling the tank after it emptied and it wasn’t long before I was ordering more.
If you have yet to try this juice then give it a go

Great flavour

This is my second order of this et liquid.
Gran Corona really suits me. I miss smoking cigars. I no longer require nicotine, but the cigar taste on the way to and from work gives me pleasure. So this is the best flavour in my opinion


A lovely smooth,rich yet authentic custard. Is just brilliantly blended with toffee to complete a well rounded and very balanced creamy dessert flavour. A true artisan flavour worthy to any Connoisseur.

Brilliant customer service, great selection of unique e liquids.

Deadwood Blends: High Noon

First time with this. Great flavours, sweet with the tobacco base contrast. Manabush quality. Definitely a future repeat.

Quickly becoming my favourite Deadwood Blend

Alcohol/Tobacco flavours are not usually my favourites, but Wild Bil may have changed all that. It has a really nice sweetness and creaminess that balances out the whisky perfectly. It's very different from the Firewater range and the boozy notes here almost come across as fruity. If you've been put off by the whisky flavour in this juice then I would recommend putting those preconceptions aside and giving it a try. It's fast becoming my favourite Deadwood blend, which is a surprise to me and totally unexpected. It has a sweetness that isn't always found in Manabush flavours and it makes it very easy to vape all day. It's a difficult flavour to describe and if I were just handed this without knowing what flavours it was I'm not sure I could guess... I would just say "Yes, I really like this"

Blown away!

Yet another excellent Manabush e-liquid. Waxahachie has gone straight to the top of my comforting, relaxing vapes list.