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Perfect blend

I'm new to Manabush and Chiricahua Sun Reloaded was one of my first purchases. Wow, what an introduction to the range. Tobacco with subtle caramel undertones it's an expertly blended e-liquid and perfect as an all day vape.

Many thanks! Pleased you like it!


Good range of products

Too quality

One of the best custards I've had, lovely and smooth, creamy custard flavour, will definitely be buying again and will try more of this brand

Sweet Nokomis

Love this. Over years I’ve gone from full strength to zero nicotine. Exactly what vaping is for. Thank you.

Dragon punch

Lovely staff excellent juice try Dragon punch u will be wanting more dragon punch also try the other vape juice it’s a big winner 10/10

Great juice

Never been keen on cola in a juice but it works here. The lime adds to the original flavor and then the cola raises it, a very capable range.

Complex and Interesting

A very nice mix of flavours in this one. Slightly heavier on the tobacco than I'm used to, but the underlying vanilla and toffee nicely compliments it.

Very good

Long lasting battery and with optional additional tank lots of capacity. Good sensation and great in the hand. Great value too. Love it

Excellent as usual

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my vape juice and have ordered the Firewater Revolucion from Manabush for the last couple of years. The service is really speedy and they are always quick to get in touch if there are any issues with fulfilling the order by the next day. I've tried other ranges and companies but always come back to Manabush and would recommend.

Excellent service as usual

Excellent service as usual. Well done Martyn.

Thank you.

Have used Manabush for years and will continue to do so.

Manabush - bargains.

I have been using Manabush products regularly since 2014. If you've been vaping that long you know many companies have come and gone but Manabush has always been there with the quality products people keep going back to. Now I am an older, more experienced vaper it is the one company I use for all my vaping needs. The out of date and short dated bargains are always worth a look. Think of e-liquid like wine. I have liquids that are many, many years old and they change and develop flavours you don't get in new liquid. I can highly recommend them.

Third order, High Noon is that good!

This juice is amazing. Manabush keep doing this and making me new All day vapes. Tastes so good.


I've vaped Nokomis since 2014 until deadwood came along. Absolutely love it, the perfect evolution of the Nokomis range

Deadwood Blends: The Full Range
Stephen Brewster
Awesome vape juices

I've vaped manabush since 2014 after a chance meeting with the founder, always nokomis but I'm absolutely hooked on deadwood! If you like tobacco mixes manabush is by far the best

Thank you Steve!

Long time staple

Kona Paka and Tamahaac have been my go to’s since their launch. Recommend if you like a complex tobacco vape. Never gets boring and a great ADV, I’ve yet to find anything better.

Great juice

I love this juice. Always have and always will.

The original & best

I still think of Powwow as 'the original and best' Manabush, although I don't know whether that is factually correct. Certainly it was the first one I discovered and in the past ten years I have never been without it. It has a rich, smooth taste and throat hit that nothing else quite matches.

Subtle, sweet & biscuity...

I like Nokomis used as a 'topping' in a tank of Powwow. In fact I tend to blend almost all the Nokomis range. In the winter I put a drizzle of Waxahachie in too for a gingery kick. Even after a decade I still think these are the best juices out there.

There's a New Sheriff in Town...

This is an excellent new blend from Manabush that manages to be both unique yet familiar to me at the same time.

The new range starts with the Deadwood base, which reminds me a lot of some past favourites. The mix of tobacco, sweet and savoury is perfectly blended. Sometimes I get more pastry and others a sweet flue cured virginia? I can't quite put my finger on it. We will likely never really know what goes into this mix as Manabush have always understandably kept these details close to their chest, but this base really keeps you guessing with every vape and I can't wait to try the rest of the range.

If you're browsing through the new range don't be tempted to overlook the base mix as it truly has something special to offer all on its own. Delicious.

Very good 😊

Calamity from the new range is very good and easily an all day vape. I will now go on to try the full range hoping they are just as good

Thanks for the review! Pleased you like it!

The best liquid out there for me

I have been vaping for 4 years (migrated from Marlboros) and I have been coming back to this liquid ever since. I often try other liquids for a change but none are as satisfying as this one. I always come back to it.

Many thanks for the review :)

VERY Vanilla

Dammmmn this is goooood! If you’re a vanilla fan you won’t be disappointed in this. I LOVE vanilla and this has to be the truest vanilla flavour vape I’ve had! Full on thick vanilla indulgence- leaves your mouth saturated in vanilla! will definitely be adding on my next order. Great on it’s own or mixed with custards for an extra vanilla kick.
As always Manabush juices are EXACTLY as described.


Absolutely banging flavour of biscuit & sweetness. Left this to steep for a few weeks and been vaping most of the day and I keep going back for more & more. Will have to get a bigger bottle next time. Speedy delivery . Thanks Manabush 👍🏻

Still the best of the range.

Gorgeous juice, never without a bottle of this and tank full nearby.

Deadwood Blends: The Full Range
High Praise for High Noon

My full range of the Deadwood range arrived on Thursday… it was duly nic’d up, but I couldn’t resist a blast on the High Noon.

It’s absolutely gorgeous, I think I’ve done at least 20ml with tank duties admirably carried out by the original berserker mini.

I fear that I won’t even reach suggested steep time!

Nuts definitely nuts and popcorn! I tip my hat to the Mix Meister