Old School E-liquids - Nostalgic Vape Juices from Years Past

      Traditional Old School Eliquids - Bought back for your enjoyment.

      Manabush E-liquids are an Old School E-liquid producer, as such we have gained many friends and Peers within the vape industry. We are proud to gather them all here in our new "Old School E-liquids" Collection - find your favourite independent Old School Vape juices from the likes of Manabush, El Diablo, Five Pawns, Phileas Fogg, Bunkr and Generals Juices and many others. 

      We are actually working with industry members past and present to help bring back some of these golden oldies to your favourite atomiser.

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      Old School Vape Juice - Independant Eliquid Producers
      Old School Vapes
      Bringing Back Old School Vape Juice

      Welcome to the sacred halls of the Manabush Old School E-liquid Collection, a sanctuary for those who yearn for the authentic, time-honoured essence of vaping. Born from a deep-seated passion for the craft, Manabush E-liquids stands as a stalwart guardian of tradition in an ever-evolving industry. Over the years, we've cultivated an extensive network of friends and peers within the vape community, each contributing to the rich tapestry of flavours that define our collective legacy.

      In our latest endeavour, we proudly present the Old School E-liquids Collection—a homage to the pioneers, the mavericks, and the rebels who shaped the landscape of vaping as we know it. Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of independent vape juices handpicked from esteemed artisans such as Manabush, El Diablo, Five Pawns, Phileas Fogg, Bunkr, Generals Juices, and many more. These are not merely e-liquids, but a testament to a bygone era, where creativity reigned supreme and innovation knew no bounds.

      In a world inundated with over-sweetened, cookie-cutter nic salts, the allure of old-school e-liquids remains steadfast. Many vapers, connoisseurs of flavour and aficionados of authenticity find solace in the familiar embrace of these timeless blends. Here, amidst the Old School E-liquid Collection, they’ll rediscover the magic of meticulously handcrafted recipes, where subtlety, complexity, and nuance reign supreme. So join us as we embark on a journey through the annals of vaping history, celebrating the legacy of those who dared to defy convention and pave the way for generations to come.

      How to add nic shots to the Shortfill Bottles we use.

      The Bunkr - Cafe Vapes Range uses a slightly different shortfill bottle from the rest of The Manabush Shortfill ranges as the nib unscrews rather than flips up, just as eaasy! These bottles are 120ml and have space in the bottle for two nic shots - below is how to use them to add your nic shots. NOTE : these nibs unscrew - not flip up.

      Shortfill Nic Shot filling instructions - Slide 1

      Step 1: Locate the flip top of the Bottle

      The Nib of the Bottle has a flip-up top to make it easier for you to add your nic shots. Unscrew the cap of the shortfill bottle and look for the Knurled edge on once side of the base of the nib.

      Nic Shot FIlling Instructions - Slide 2

      Step 2: Flip up the top!

      Once you have located the knurled section simply use your thumb on the knurled section to flip open the top of the nib section - revealing an aperture for you to squeeze your nic shot e-liquid into.

      Nic Shot Filling Instructions - Slide 3

      Step 3: Fill up with your nic shots!

      Remove the screw top cap of your nic shot bottle and locate the nib of the nic shot into the aperture on the shortfill bottle, squeeze all that e-liquid into the big bottle, replace the cap and shake thoroughly.

      What Nic Shots should I use?

      The Choice is yours! and depends on if the juice is designed MTL Vaping, DTL Vaping or both - The Nic Shots you choose should reflect how you are going to vape this range, and what equipment you are using.

      For MTL Vapers, using Mesh Pods or rebuildable atomisers we recommend the Green 50/50 Nic Shots.

      For DTL Vapers, Using Sub-ohm gear or Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers or Sqounks - we recommend the Black 100VG Nic Shots.