Fine Quality E-Liquid

The Nokomis Range

Our original tobacco based e-liquids

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Enjoying The Nokomis Range

The Nokomis Range of E-liquids by Manabush are designed for use in a mouth to lung (MTL) style tank or atomizer, although this is a matter of personal taste and many users use them in sub-ohm setups successfully.
We recommend this 50/50 VG/PG mix is used with a coil resistance of 1 Ohm or above and set at a temperature that is just on the cusp of being warm. Originally designed to complement high end rebuildable mouth to lung devices such as the Kayfun, GP Spheroid, GP Heron and Taifun, they work equally well on replaceable coil atomisers such as the Nautilus, Nautilus 2, and Naturevape Midi.

The Spiritwalker Range

Spiritwalker - Tobacco free Manabush!

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The Spiritwalker Range

Enjoying The Spiritwalker Range

Spiritwalker, is a tobacco-free liquid base by Manabush, that provides the heartbeat to our tobacco free 60/40 VG/PG juices.

The 60/40 nature of Spiritwalker lends itself to both traditional MTL vaping, but also fares well under higher power Sub-Ohm vaping.

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Bunkr - Cafe Vapes

Patisserie inspired High VG E-liquid

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Enjoying the Bunkr Range of E-liquids

Designed to complement the range of Tea's and Coffee's available at Steam Tea and Vape in Nottingham this patisserie inspired range is a 70/30 mix primarily aimed at drippers and sub-ohm devices, but still performs well in MTL devices.

50ml and 100ml 0mg Short Fills Now available

Nokomis Range, Spiritwalker Range and Bunkr Range 0mg Short Fills

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Manabush Eliquid

Merchandise and Gift Cards!

Fancy a Manabush or Bunkr T-shirt? Need a hoody for those dreary days? Or why not buy one of those close to you a Gift card for their birthday!

All About Manabush

Manabush - Fine quality E-Liquid

Manabush E-liquids now produce three ranges of E-liquid with delicious toppings the Nokomis Range has a sweet tobacco base, while the Spiritwalker Range is tobacco free.

We create rich all day vapes, in a variety of flavours. From the legedary Powwow Sauce and Chiricahua Sun to the decadent Ixcacao our liquids will not leave you disappointed. Our latest flavour is Omusa, our signature base infused with Rum, Toffee and Vanilla.

Manabush in conjunction with Steam Tea & Vape in Nottingham also produce the high VG "Bunkr" Patisserie range of liquids designed to complement Steams extensive range of tea & coffee.


An eye for quality and cleanliness

Manabush has constantly striven to improve the manufacture of liquids to higher levels of professional production. Starting out as a small-scale producer, we have consistently reviewed the process, identifying opportunities to reinvest in facilities and equipment in order to guarantee excellence.

The Mission

We ensure that Manabush liquid production is free from contaminants. By keeping air-borne impurities such as dust out of the production area you can be assured that the only contents in a bottle are those you wish to vape.




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