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10ml Eliquids

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Zero Nic Shortfill E-liquid Deals

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Manabush Eliquid - Tobacco E-liquid, Cola E-liquid and Dessert Vape Juice.

Manabush is a manufacturer and retailer of fine E-liquids for the vaping market. We have been making eliquid since 2012 and became an incorporated company in 2014. We have a rich heritage within the industry stretching right back to the early days in the UK Vape scene, creating wonderful vape juice across many different ranges.

Specialising originally in clever tobacco flavoured E-liquids and producing the world famous Powwow Sauce from the Nokomis Range, over the years our portfolio has expanded to include some of the best tobacco based e-liquid ranges and more (in terms of vaping) traditional non-tobacco based vape juice with our Base Zero Range and its Cola E-Liquid Divergent ranges.

We are also famous for collaborating with other companies, blending experience, knowledge and flavours with them to create some truly unique and community based E-liquids for vaping, our current collaborations are available in the "Collaborations" tab in the sites main menu.

We are very active members of the Planet Of The Vapes Forum and truly believe in the sharing of knowledge and information within the vaping community.

Originally known for our extensive collection of Tobacco E-Liquid and Vape Juice, we have since expanded into other areas.
We have created a very successful Cola E-liquid Range, we have a range of low cost Dessert and Fruit flavoured E-Liquid called Base Zero that can be used either as an (Mouth to lung) or DL (direct to lung) vape juice.

Primarily our E-liquids are based on MTL vaping (Mouth to lung) as we feel this is the ideal for smokers swapping to vaping and uses less juice and is therefore less cost than DL Vaping (direct to lung). We have recently curated all our MTL E-liquid into one easy to use collection.

More recently we have decided to expand what we offer to our customers, bringing on Other brands such as El Diablo, Aisu, Likitless, Ohm Brew, Prime Vapes, Legio-X, Dinner Lady and Pod Salts with plans to add many more. We now offer a huge range of MTL E-liquids and Nic Salt (Nicotine Salt) E-liquids.

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    Disposable Vapes and why we say no.

    Why we encourage you - the prospective vaper to look deeper, save yourself some money .. save some landfill, have less of an effect on the planet and get a reusable device ... your choice of E-liquid flavours will literally go up by thousands .. and it will probably cost you the same for ten days worth of vaping as what you are normally spending a day on disposables.
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    Why make my own Coils?

    This skill is really the first stepping stone to rebuildable atomiser greatness - and in terms of MTL atomisers and tanks may very well be the only skill you need to reduce your coil outlay from £100-£300 pounds a year to about a Fiver!

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    Rebuildable vape tanks for Noobs : Intro - Why rebuild, and why you should.

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