Disposable Vape Alternatives: How To Vape Without The Waste - Part III - Verdict

Our verdict and recommendations of the best disposable vape alternatives

Verdict - Our Disposable Vape Alternative Recommendations.

In the spirit of enquiry, I have tried disposables of all types - and thankfully, they are not for me. I wouldn't say I like things too sweet, for starters, and most disposable vapes are hugely over-sweetened and flavoured for my tastes. That said - I know the kit, and I know e-liquids. Although e-liquid flavours are personal, it seems pointless to recommend flavours. Still, I can recommend a kit, and I will recommend it based on what I use - a lot of these Pods, Pens and mods are not just disposable alternatives; they are significant bits of kit in their own right - my current personal favourites are :

Eco Nano Pod Kit by Vaporesso has taken over my love of the Caliburn AK2 and Oxva Xlim (though the Xlim remains a great bit of kit, and I would also recommend it) - this small kit has a huge battery life, and you can get replacement pods in 6ml! This is my top Pod Kit of the moment (as of October 2023).

Oxva Xlim SE Bonus Kit - is a simple-to-use and inexpensive device. This is a perfect alternative to single-use devices.

Of course, if you are looking for ultra-convenience and the disposable way of life is something you do not want to stray too far from - then the pref-filled pod-based system such as the Elfa Pro By Elf bar or the Crystal Bar Plus Rechargeable Pod Device are probably more up your street. I would encourage you to push your boundaries and explore the world of refillable Pod devices further.

I hope this article has been helpful to you if you are considering the sensible switch.

Let's make a conscious effort to switch to these alternatives and positively impact the environment. By choosing refillable pod systems, rechargeable vape pens, rebuildable atomisers, or responsibly disposing of single-use devices, we can enjoy vaping without contributing to excessive waste, and you can save yourself money. Together, we can create a greener future for our vaping enjoyment and the environment and stop the media and the anti-vaping fraternity from bleating on about environmental impact and youth vaping.

Let’s be part of the solution - not the problem.


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