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      This collection contains some of the finest UK Custard E-liquids and Custard Shortfills.

      We have a large variety of Custard Vape Juice, both straight Custard Eliquids and custard e-liquids enhanced with other flavours such as tobaccos, fruits and dessert.

      Long beloved in the vape community Custard Vapes are known for their rich creamy mouth feel and velvety vanilla texture.

      These Custards are available in a wide variety of ratios and bottle sizes from 10ml Custard E-liquids to Nic Salts and Shortfills.

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      Custard E-Liquids Rich History

      Since the early days of vaping, Custard Vape Juice has emerged as a cherished classic within the vaping community. Despite the initial scepticism surrounding this unconventional flavour (custard cigarettes, anyone?), Custard E-liquids have won the hearts of vapers worldwide, tracing back to the inception of the iconic Grants Vanilla Custard over a decade ago.

      Rich Creamy Dessert Custard E-liquid
      Custard Slice Custard Vape Juice
      Custard Vape and its lasting appeal.

      The evolution of Custard E-liquids has been remarkable, with an array of innovative blends extending beyond the simple vanilla custard. Now, enthusiasts can explore tantalising combinations, with Custards harmoniously fused with an array of other e-liquid flavours such as fruits, pastries, and even tobaccos. Notably, our contribution to this fusion revolution was the creation of what we believe to be the pioneering tobacco custard E-liquid—introducing the revolutionary Powwow Sauce.

      Exploring the Best Custard Vape Juice in the UK

      Just as real-life custards boast distinct variations like English Traditional Custard, French Custard, and Creme Brulee Set Custards, Custard E-liquids offer an equally, if not broader, diverse landscape. Each variant in our carefully curated collection showcases the craftsmanship of renowned e-liquid manufacturers from the UK alongside our own exclusive blends.

      Experience a Luxurious Vape with Custard E-Liquids

      Characterised by a deep, creamy mouthfeel, Custard E-liquids deliver a decadent vaping experience that is second to none. The velvety texture and rich flavour profile elevate the indulgence, making every puff a luxurious treat for your palate.

      Our diverse selection of Custard E-liquids has been thoughtfully curated, drawing from our own extensive stocks and collaborating with top-tier e-liquid producers in the UK. Explore the world of Custard E-liquids and treat yourself to a vaping experience that transcends expectations.

      Notable Custard E-liquid Brands to Explore:

      • Prime Vapes A great selection Mainly DTL E-liquids Prime Vapes have some of the best custard e-liquids made in the UK today.
      • Manabush: Renowned for their exquisite tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids, Manabush also has quite a few Dairy and custard based non tobacco E-liquids such as Nut Custard, Toffee Creme X and even Eggnog - itself a kind of drinkable custard popular at Christmas.
      • KSTRD: KSTRD has mastered the art of crafting exceptional nicotine salt e-liquids, all centered around their delectably creamy custard base.

      FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Custard E-Liquids

      Custard E-liquid FAQ

      Welcome to the Manabush E-Liquid FAQ, where we address the key questions surrounding custard E-liquids and Dairy Vape juice. For over a decade, custard has been at the top of many vapers goto list of favourite vapes, and custard e-liquids come in all shapes and sizes - this FAQ will help you make the right choice in custard vape juice.

      1. What is the best Custard E-liquid?

      This is a question that has no definitive answer! As with all E-liquid flavours, taste is subjective - and especially with custards - it is entirely down to your tastes and style of vaping - this category of flavours is so broad it is impossible to give a correct answer! Ask yourself - "Am I looking for a plain custard? Do I want a tobacco custard such as Powwow Sauce Or Prairie Dawn from the deadwood blends? Do I want a custard and pastry like Prime Vapes Custard Slice? Do I want a Nic-salt such as the KSTRDS range of Custard-based E-liquids? All these questions will help you decide what custard vape juice to try.

      3. What is the best Vape Gear for Custard E-liquids?

      This depends entirely on what style of vaping you prefer and what kind of Custard E-liquid you have bought! If you have a 70/30 High VG Custard - this is generally designed around sub-ohm DTL vaping so you are going to want an atomiser to suit, If you have bought a Nic Salt Custard or a 50/50 Freebase custard - then a POD, Starter Kit or MTL Vape device is going to be your best bet!

      6. Do you offer a variety of custard e-liquid options?

      Yes, we offer a diverse range of custard e-liquids, each with its unique profile, so you can find the one that best suits your taste preferences and vaping style. We sell Nic Salts, MTL 50/50 Custard vape juice and Shortfill Custard Vape juice in bottle sizes from 10ml to 100ml.

      9. Can I find customer reviews and testimonials regarding your custard e-liquids?

      Yes, you can find customer reviews and testimonials on our website, providing insights into the experiences of vapers who have enjoyed our custard e-liquids.

      10. How can I contact Manabush E-Liquid for further inquiries or assistance?

      Feel free to reach out to our customer support team through the contact information on our website, or via the chat button on the bottom right. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

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