MTL E-liquids


      MTL E-liquids (Mouth to Lung E-liquids) have Long been what Manabush has excelled at. MTL Eliquids are normally 50/50 VG / PG ratio and are ideal for higher strengths like 6mg, 12mg and 18mg liquids.

      We find Mouth to Lung vaping to be a more familiar kind of vaping for ex-smokers, and the best MTL vape juice is ideal for MTL Atomisers, Pods, Starter kits and a lot of High End Mouth atomisers, due to the 50/50 nature of the liquids.

      Our 50/50 VG/PG liquids were designed in the UK back when it was the only kind of vaping there was. As such we have mainly continued to create award winning Mouth to Lung vapes now for the last 7 years.

      this is a collection of  some of the best MTL e-liquid available in the UK

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      What is MTL (Mouth to lung Vaping)

      Mouth to Lung Vaping (or MTL) was the original style of vaping created back when vaping was first invented. It aims to re-create the style of inhalation normally performed by smoking. The Vapour is taken into the mouth first and then drawn down into the lungs, the same as would occur when smoking a cigarette. This style of vaping is suited to tighter draw tanks, pods and starter kit, and also quite a lot of high end gear created for this purpose.

      These kind of liquids tend to have a VG/PG Ratio of 50/50 to 60/40 VG/PG - the thinner liquids helping the lower tempretures and smaller vape clouds required by this style of vaping.

      This is opposed to DL (Direct to lung vaping) which is the act of direct inhalation into the lungs and is more suited to lower nicotine strengths, and clougy high airflow devices.

      Here at Manabush - we generally create MTL liquids, although the Base Zero / Cola Divergent / Coconut Divergent Ranges are all designed at 60VG / 40PG with the intention you can use either a 50/50 VG Nicshot to keep its MTL or use a high VG Nic shot for use at DTL - thereby making it a dual use E-liquid.

      Our MTL Liquids areavailable in 10ml TPD compliant bottles (in pack sizes of one and three) and also Shortfills (60ml bottle size - 50ml of liquid - for use with either your own DIY additions or our 18mg liquids as nic-shots).

      What are Shortfills and Nicshots?