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Tobacco E-liquids, Tobacco 10mls, Tobacco Shortfills

Here is our curated collection of some of the best Tobacco E-liquids in the UK.

We have Tobacco flavours from many vendors in 10ml Bottles and 50ml Shortfills, And also do 30ml Shortfills suitable for 6mg and 12mg Vapers.

Manabush Tobacco expertise has long been known for creating some of the most innovative and famous Tobacco E-juice in the UK. Blending the best characteristics of various tobacco leaf flavours - and making them better with the addition of other flavourings, we have many different kinds of MTL tobacco Eliquid ranges for the traditionalist Vaper.

Our Tobacco E-liquids are available in both 10ml TPD compliant,  50ml Shortfills and 30ml shortfills. They are  50/50 and ideal MTL E-liquids.

50/50 Tobacco E-liquid

At Manabush, we produce an extensive variety of 50/50 MTL tobacco E-liquid. Our premium tobacco vapes are available in various nicotine strengths from 0mg, to 20mg and all the popular nicotine strengths in between.

Tobacco Shortfills

We also manufacturer all of our popular tobacco flavoured vapes in both 50/50 tobacco shortfills and high VG shortfill E-liquids, these are available in 20ml, 50ml and 100ml shortfills. 

What’s the best vape kit for tobacco E-liquid?

The best vape kit for tobacco E-liquid is arguably a good quality MTL (mouth to lung) style setup, thanks to the restricted airflow and concentrated vapour this style of setup delivers, it is a similar feeling to smoking a cigarette. Combined with a tobacco flavoured E-liquid, this style vape kit will provide a flavourful and satisfying vape.

What’s the best tobacco E-liquid UK?

The best tobacco E-liquid flavour is really a matter of opinion, based on which type of flavour profile you enjoy the most. Tobacco E-liquids are produced in a huge selection of flavours and styles, some vapers prefer a simple straight tobacco flavour, some prefer a sweet tobacco E-liquid. Dessert style tobacco blends are the most popular, this type of blend is usually based around a caramel tobacco, with other complimenting light flavours, like biscuit, nuts, vanilla or maple, much like a Cavendish style tobacco.

Manabush Tobacco E-liquids

Manabush has been making tobacco e-liquids since its inception as a company and even before - our expertise in the field of tobacco flavoured e-liquid has - led to the creation of some of the most famous and award winning tobacco e-liquids in the UK.

Powwow Sauce has won several awards since its development alongside Chiricahua Sun in 2012 - and both remain very popular tobacco based liquids today.

We started developing Tobacco based liquids even before the companies inception in 2014 - The very early UK Tobacco E-liquid vapes of the time were for the most part (but not exclusively) fairly uninspiring, and we wanted to up the game and create tobacco flavours that had a deeper level of interest and flavour.

All our tobacco E-liquids are available in 10ml TPD compliant bottles (in pack sizes of one and three) and also Shortfills (60ml bottle size - 50ml of liquid - for use with either your own DIY additions or our 18mg liquids as nic-shots).