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      Discover a handpicked selection of premium Tobacco E-Liquids at Manabush, available in various formats to suit your vaping preferences.

      Diverse Range of  Flavours

      Manabush offers an extensive range of Tobacco Vape Juice flavours from reputable vendors, available in 10ml bottles and 50ml Shortfills. We also craft Shortfills tailored for 6mg and 12mg vapers, ensuring there's something for everyone.

      Pioneers in the Field

      Known for our innovation and expertise in Tobacco vape juice, Manabush has a rich history of crafting some of the UK's most iconic and innovative tobacco blends. We merge the finest attributes of different tobacco leaf profiles, enhancing them with complementary flavourings. Our MTL tobacco Flavoured E-liquid ranges cater to the traditionalist vaper, and here, you'll find one of the largest collections of tobacco vape juice in the UK, with the added benefit of multi-buy deals on your favourites.

      A Wealth of Brands

      Our selection features a variety of tobacco e-liquids from renowned brands, including Club Juice, Dinner Lady, Drakes E-Liquid, Glas, Pukka, Five Pawns, Naughty Juice, Ohm Brew, and, of course, Manabush.

      Versatile Options for Your Vaping Pleasure

      Choose from a range of formats, including 10ml TPD-compliant bottles, 50ml Shortfills, and 30ml Shortfills. Our e-liquids are formulated at a balanced 50/50 ratio, making them ideal for MTL vaping.

      Experience the finest tobacco e-liquids in the UK, all conveniently available at Manabush.

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      Choosing the Ultimate Vape Kit for Tobacco Vape Juice

      In the world of vaping, the quest for the perfect setup is a journey filled with countless choices and options. For those seeking an authentic and satisfying tobacco experience, the choice of vape kit is crucial. So, what is the best vape kit for tobacco E-liquids? Let's explore.

      Finding the best vape gear for tobacco vape juice.
      MTL Vaping is great for tobacco e-liquids
      The Appeal of MTL Vaping

      When it comes to enjoying the rich and robust essence of tobacco E-liquids, many seasoned vapers and those transitioning from smoking agree on one thing: MTL (Mouth to Lung) style setups are the way to go. This preference is rooted in the concept of replicating the familiar sensation of drawing on a cigarette.

      An MTL vape kit offers a restricted airflow and produces concentrated vapour. This mimics the experience of smoking, making the transition from traditional tobacco to vaping seamless. The result is a deeply satisfying, flavourful vape that evokes the essence of tobacco.

      Pair your MTL setup with a high-quality tobacco-flavoured E-liquid, and you're in for a truly satisfying vaping experience.

      Exploring the Best Tobacco Vapes in the UK

      Now that we've established the importance of the right vape kit, let's delve into the diverse world of tobacco E-Liquids. The best tobacco E-liquid in the UK isn't a one-size-fits-all affair; it's a matter of personal preference.

      Diversity amongst tobacco flavoured vape juice

      Tobacco Flavour Diversity:

      Tobacco E-liquids come in an astonishing array of flavours and styles, catering to vapers with varying taste profiles. Whether you prefer the straightforward, no-nonsense taste of pure tobacco or have a penchant for the sweeter side of things, there's a tobacco E-liquid to suit your fancy.

      Classic tobacco vape juices flavours

      The Classic Approach:

      For those who appreciate the unadulterated essence of tobacco, a simple, straight Tobacco E-liquid is the go-to choice. These E-liquids capture the true character of tobacco, delivering an authentic, earthy experience.

      Sweet Tobacco E-liquid Blends

      Indulgence in Sweetness:

      On the other hand, some vapers delight in the realm of sweet tobacco E-liquids. These blends often revolve around a core of caramel-infused tobacco, complemented by delicate undertones of biscuits, nuts, vanilla, or maple. It's a journey reminiscent of indulging in Cavendish-style tobacco, with a twist of sweetness.

      Tobacco Vapes - The Best Kit

      In conclusion, the best vape kit for tobacco E-liquids is undoubtedly an MTL setup, offering an experience akin to traditional smoking. However, the best tobacco E-liquid in the UK is a matter of personal preference, with a plethora of brands and flavour profiles to explore. Whether you opt for a classic tobacco taste or embrace the sweetness of dessert-style blends, the world of tobacco E-Liquids is rich and diverse, waiting to be discovered and savoured.

      Understanding the Distinction: Synthetic vs. NET Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquid

      When it comes to tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids, two primary categories dominate the market: synthetic tobacco flavours and NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids. These two variations differ significantly in their production and the experience they offer to vapers.

      Synthetic Tobacco Flavours:

      Crafted in Laboratories: Synthetic tobacco flavours are precisely what the name suggests - lab-created imitations of tobacco tastes using both synthetic and natural compounds. These artificial blends are the result of meticulous work by flavour chemists who strive to replicate the nuances of tobacco using a combination of synthetic compounds.

      Versatility: One of the key advantages of synthetic tobacco flavours is their versatility. Manufacturers have the creative freedom to tweak and experiment with the profiles, giving vapers a wide range of tobacco-inspired choices. This can include classic tobacco notes, spiced blends, or even innovative fusions with other flavour components.

      Consistency: Synthetic tobacco flavours offer remarkable consistency. Each batch is identical, ensuring that vapers enjoy the same taste with every bottle they purchase. This predictability can be reassuring for those who prefer a stable vaping experience.

      Synthetic tobacco e-liquids - created with synthetic and natural flavourings
      NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) Flavoured Vape Juice
      NET Tobacco Flavoured E-Liquids:

      Capturing the Essence of Real Tobacco: NET tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids take a different approach. These E-Liquids are made by steeping tobacco leaves in a solvent, typically alcohol or PG/VG (Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin). This process slowly draws out the natural tobacco flavours and aromatic compounds from the leaves.

      Uniqueness: The defining feature of NET tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids is the authenticity they offer. By extracting from genuine tobacco leaves, NET E-Liquids encapsulate the true essence of tobacco, capturing its subtle nuances and the richness of its natural aroma. The result is a vaping experience that closely mirrors the taste of real tobacco.

      Complexity: NET E-Liquids tend to offer a more intricate and layered profile. The extraction process naturally incorporates the various compounds present in the tobacco leaves, leading to a multi-dimensional flavour. This complexity can be highly appealing to vapers seeking an authentic tobacco experience.

      Variability: NET E-Liquids can display some variability from batch to batch, as the specific tobacco leaves used and the extraction process can influence the end result. This variance can provide a unique and evolving experience for vapers.

      Making the Right Choice: Synthetic or NET E-Liquids

      It's worth noting that Drakes E-Liquids are NETs, further exemplifying the dedication to authenticity in the world of tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids.

      In summary, the difference between synthetic and NET tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids lies in their production methods and the experiences they offer. Synthetic tobacco flavours provide a diverse and consistent range of tobacco-inspired tastes, while NET tobacco-flavoured E-Liquids focus on authenticity, capturing the essence of real tobacco with its inherent complexity and subtle variations. The choice between the two ultimately depends on the individual preferences and desired vaping experience of each user.

      FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions About Our Tobacco E-Liquids

      Manabush Tobacco E-liquid FAQ

      Welcome to the Manabush E-Liquid FAQ, where we address the key questions surrounding our enduring commitment to tobacco e-liquids. For over a decade, we've excelled in crafting these e-liquids, offering a unique blend of tradition, depth of flavour, and innovation. This FAQ will shed light on why we continue to embrace tobacco e-liquids and their significance in the vaping community.

      1. Why do you continue to offer tobacco e-liquids in today's diverse market?

      We continue to offer e-liquid flavours containing tobacco flavourings for several reasons; one thing we all sometimes forget as vapers is that some of us like the taste of tobacco and miss it as part of our daily routine. The vaping market is diverse, and so are people’s tastes - and tobacco flavours often get overlooked. We also believe that tobacco flavouring is precisely just that - a flavouring to use like any other flavouring - and it can offer a depth and roundness missing from many different flavours. Also, many people who are switching to vaping from smoking are often seeking a tobacco flavour for familiarity while making the switch.

      As we specialise in tobacco blends, we enjoy experimenting with combining tobacco with other flavours to create unique and exciting profiles. This approach allows us to offer variety within the tobacco category.

      2. What sets your tobacco e-liquids apart in terms of flavour?

      The depth of flavour in our tobacco e-liquids is unparalleled. We've carefully crafted a multi-layered taste experience, making vaping more satisfying and intriguing, reminiscent of traditional smoking.

      3. How do tobacco e-liquids enhance the vaping experience when blended with other flavours?

      Tobacco flavourings are versatile and can be combined with other profiles to create complex, well-rounded e-liquids. The result is a unique taste that caters to a wide range of palates, adding sophistication to the experience.

      4. How does Manabush E-Liquid balance tradition and innovation?

      While we celebrate the heritage of tobacco, we also embrace innovation. Our tobacco e-liquids pay homage to tradition while adapting it to a modern context, combining the best of both worlds.

      5. Are tobacco e-liquids suitable for individuals looking to quit smoking?

      Absolutely. Our tobacco e-liquids provide a bridge from traditional smoking to vaping, offering a sense of comfort to those making the switch. They are a valuable tool in the journey to quit smoking.

      6. Do you offer a variety of tobacco e-liquid options?

      Yes, we offer a diverse range of tobacco e-liquids, each with its unique profile, so you can find the one that best suits your taste preferences and vaping experience.

      7. How can I purchase Manabush E-Liquid's tobacco e-liquids?

      You can explore our tobacco e-liquids on our website and make a purchase online. We also have a list of authorized retailers where you can find our products.

      8. Are your products compliant with vaping regulations and safety standards?

      We take compliance and safety seriously. Our e-liquids meet all necessary regulations and quality standards to ensure a safe and enjoyable vaping experience.

      9. Can I find customer reviews and testimonials regarding your tobacco e-liquids?

      Yes, you can find customer reviews and testimonials on our website, providing insights into the experiences of vapers who have enjoyed our tobacco e-liquids.

      10. How can I contact Manabush E-Liquid for further inquiries or assistance?

      Feel free to reach out to our customer support team through the contact information on our website, or via the chat button on the bottom right. We are here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.