Manabush Tobacco Ranges


    As well as having a huge selection of Tobacco E-liquid and Vape Juice from the some of the best manufacturers Manabush has long been known for our tobacco-based E-liquids, creating what we believe to be the first tobacco and custard with the multi-award winning Powwow Sauce back in 2012. 

    Most of Manabush tobacco ranges have traditionally been tobacco blends, making use of tobacco flavouring as precisely that - just a flavouring used to create depth and feel to a vape juice and flavoured with other things, such as creams and nuts,  rather than as a replacement for or emulation of traditional cigarettes. This is particularly evident in our original Nokomis Range and our new Deadwood Blends - Sweet Dessert Tobacco Vape Juice Range.

    More recently, we have produced the Leaf range of straight (or straighter!) tobaccos - aiming to replicate traditional tobacco and NET tobacco as much as possible - but in a more coil-friendly synthetic way; the range has received much acclaim.

    Of course - Leaf wouldn't be a Manabush range if we didn't mess with it in some way - so this has spawned Twisted Leaf - The Leaf range messed with as only Manabush can with other flavourings to suit.

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