Collection: Leaf By Manabush - Affordable all day tobacco e-liquids

Leaf is a new range of all day tobacco vapes by Manabush.

Manabush are known for tobacco E-liquids, we normally create a tobacco E-liquid base, then create several different tobacco vape juices using that same base.

This range is a little different - This time around each e-liquid in the range is simply a different tobacco flavour. 

We will be expanding on those individual flavours in a sub range of this range called "Twisted Leaf"

Each of these carefully crafted straight tobacco Juices are available in 50ml Shortfill for 3mg vapers, 30ml Shortfill for 6mg vapers and 30mg shortfill for 12mg vapers. They all come wit the relevant Nicshots required to make them up to the correct strength.

The Cafe Cigarillo, while suburb in normal atomiser has also been especially formulated to give long Life in POD systems.

Rather than our normal run of tobacco and somethings, these are simply tobacco flavours.

If you are looking for our Leaf Tobacco E-liquid Flavour fusion Range Twisted Leaf - please click the button below.

 Please Note : all the variants of each flavour can now be found in a drop down menu of the product page.

The Leaf range of Tobacco E-liquids has been created by us to full-fill a need for affordable all day tobacco vapes. Ideal for tobacco E-liquid enthusiasts - and especially good for those attempting to quit smoking.

Created with our nigh on 10 years of tobacco flavouring knowledge - this carefully created tobacco range is sure to satisfy the tobacco Vaper.

The "Cafe Cigarillo" flavour has been specifically designed to be great in both standard atomisers and rebuildable atomisers and also PODS, it has a proven two weeks of use in the Evolve Reflex POD system.