Twisted Leaf - Cleverly blended flavoured Tobacco E-liquids


    Twisted Leaf is the natural Manabush progression of our new Leaf straight tobacco E-liquid range.

    We delved outside our comfort comfort zone a tad developing LEAF - we tend to use other flavours to counter some of the harsher or less desirable elements of tobacco flavourings used in vaping. With Leaf we wanted straighter more everyday pure tobaccos .. and we will continue to develop that line of tobacco Vape juices.

    However we always had the intention of using those tobacco bases in a far more familiar “Manabush” way - and this is the culmination of that.

    Each of the New Leaf range has been given a very Manabush makeover in this new tobacco blends e-liquid range. Introducing “Twisted Leaf” cleverly blended tobacco and somethings - from Manabush.

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    More about the Twisted Leaf Range of Tobacco E-liquids

    We have created the Twisted Leaf range of Tobacco E-liquids to fulfil a need for affordable all-day tobacco vapes. Ideal for tobacco E-liquid enthusiasts - and especially good for those attempting to quit smoking. These twisted versions of our new Leaf range are designed for those who like more of a flavour of something else alongside their tobaccos, something Manabush is famous for.

    Created with our nigh-on ten years of tobacco flavouring knowledge - this carefully made tobacco range will satisfy the tobacco and non-tobacco vaper.

    If you are after a straight tobacco e-liquid - please check out our LEAF Range.

    What are Shortfills

    Shortfills are larger bottles of Zero mg (non nicotine containing) e-liquid supplied with enough space in the bottle to add a 10ml “Nic-shot” or your own DIY additions.

    Typically they are 50ml of liquid in a 60ml bottle - but may also come in other forms - such as our own 20ml of liquid in a 30ml bottle (ideal for 6mg vapers) or 10ml of liquid in a 30ml bottle (ideal for 12mg vapers).

    The short filling of the bottle is what gives the “Shortfill” its name.

    Shortfills came about as a result of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) - which restricted Nicotine containing liquid bottles maximum size too 10ml.

    This had the potential for large price rises on Nicotine containing liquids - as the customer would have to buy multiple 10ml bottles instead of their usual larger bottle.

    The Shortfill bottles. themselves do not contain any nicotine and can therefore legally be sold in any size bottle - ready fo the user to add their own nicotine via the use of various Nicshots.

    How to add nic shots to the Shortfill Bottles we use in the Twisted Leaf Tobacco Vape Juice Range

    The Twisted Leaf Tobacco Shortfill E-liquid range uses the same flip-top shortfill bottles as the rest of The Manabush Shortfill ranges and has space in the bottle for the required number of nic shots applicable to your chosen e-liquid strength - below is how to use them to add your nic shots.

    Shortfill Nic Shot filling instructions - Slide 1

    Step 1: Locate the flip top of the Bottle

    The Nib of the Bottle has a flip-up top to make it easier for you to add your nic shots. Unscrew the cap of the shortfill bottle and look for the Knurled edge on once side of the base of the nib.

    Nic Shot FIlling Instructions - Slide 2

    Step 2: Flip up the top!

    Once you have located the knurled section simply use your thumb on the knurled section to flip open the top of the nib section - revealing an aperture for you to squeeze your nic shot e-liquid into.

    Nic Shot Filling Instructions - Slide 3

    Step 3: Fill up with your nic shots!

    Remove the screw top cap of your nic shot bottle and locate the nib of the nic shot into the aperture on the shortfill bottle, squeeze all that e-liquid into the big bottle, replace the cap and shake thoroughly.

    More about Manabush and Tobacco E-liquids.

    Manabush has been creating niche bespoke craft tobacco-based e-liquids for over a decade. We love tobacco flavours - especially when mixed and used with other flavours to add depth and definition alongside flavourings you wouldn't expect to be a part of a tobacco vape juice.

    Recently - we wanted to expand what we offer tobacco juice-wise, not only with our tobacco ranges but to collate a massive collection of tobacco e-liquids from many different manufacturers and offer them alongside our humble offerings. We now have a vast supply of tobacco e-liquids from all the most excellent mixologists ever to play with a tobacco concentrate.

    This has led us to create the most extensive collection of tobacco and tobacco blend vapes in the UK, and we are proud to add our tobacco mixes to that list. - you can find our complete tobacco collection here: The Tobacco E-liquid Collection at