Collection: Twisted Leaf - Cleverly blended flavoured Tobacco E-liquids

Twisted Leaf is the natural Manabush progression of our new Leaf straight tobacco E-liquid range.

We delved outside our comfort comfort zone a tad developing LEAF - we tend to use other flavours to counter some of the harsher or less desirable elements of tobacco flavourings used in vaping. With Leaf we wanted straighter more everyday pure tobaccos .. and we will continue to develop that line of tobacco Vape juices.

However we always had the intention of using those tobacco bases in a far more familiar “Manabush” way - and this is the culmination of that.

Each of the New Leaf range has been given a very Manabush makeover in this new tobacco blends e-liquid range. Introducing “Twisted Leaf” cleverly blended tobacco and somethings - from Manabush.

  Please Note : all the variants of each flavour can now be found in a drop down menu of the product page.

The Twisted Leaf range of Tobacco E-liquids has been created by us to full-fill a need for affordable all day tobacco vapes. Ideal for tobacco E-liquid enthusiasts - and especially good for those attempting to quit smoking. These twisted versions of our new Leaf range are designed for those who like more of a flavour of something else alongside their tobaccos, something Manabush is famous for.

Created with our nigh on 10 years of tobacco flavouring knowledge - this carefully created tobacco range is sure to satisfy the tobacco and also non tobacco vaper.

If you are after a straight tobacco e-liquid - please check out our LEAF Range.