Disposable Vape Alternatives, its time to switch it up.

So - by now a lot of you will have seen my article on Disposable vapes, and why we say no. Disposables, Elf Bars, Geek Bars - Gah!

It would be so easy to capitulate, and join in .. certainly we would make a lot more money and attract a lot more customers, but - I am so actually down on these things, there is not a chance of capitulation, I stand by my thoughts that they are ruining the industry - hugely self destructive. Thats why we prefer these disposable vape alternatives.

To recap : They have a negative effect on the environment, they are for the first time in the industries history actually being adopted by under age vapers and school children - this is not a good look for the industry as a whole. The litter from them and the visual impact of school kids walking home puffing on them is plain for all to see. Read more here on why will not get involved - Disposable vapes and why we say no.

So with that in mind - we are trying to stock up on a few disposable vape alternatives - and I do realise largely as Manabush users - who tend as a rule to be long term seasoned vapers - that I'm preaching to the choir here, but who doesn't love their own echo chamber?

But it is we - the long term seasoned vapers that can help to an extent guide the disposable user onto something a little more worthwhile and less morally ambiguous for their pocket and the planet.

with that in mind - Im trying to stock a few choice bits and bobs that should appeal to that easy to use throwaway/but not throwaway nature.

In truth - Pods have always left me a little cold - I've never found them to have much flavour and .. oompf next to a proper mod and rebuildable atomiser like device.

My opinion is changing though - the more recent additions to the POD / Starter Vape kit stable have actually been pretty darn good - if you sort through the chaff.

Heres my personal choice for Disposable Vape Alternatives : 

The Caliburn GK2 by Uwell

Straight in at number one - and JUST knocking the Caliburn AK2 Pod kit off the top spot is the Caliburn GK2 by Uwell (Uwell do seem to have the upper hand with these devices).

This device actually uses replaceable coils as well as Pods (empty pods are also available) - giving it more the feel of a proper stock coil tank - but in a small easy to carry POD style - its got some funky graphics and lights as well!

The Caliburn GK2 POD kit by Uwell

The Caliburn AK2 By Uwell

My Previous favourite - and still a top contender, straight forward Pods here - no stock coils - but the flavour is still as good as the above (which is awesome) and absolutely tiny. I feel the GK2 just pips this device because of its changabel coil nature .. thereby being slightly greener.

The Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit by Uwell

Or view all our Uwell Caliburn Range here : Uwell Caliburn Range

 The Oxva Xlim (and the Xlim SE)

If cost is king this and its screen-less brother the Oxva Xlim SE are not that far behind the Caliburns in terms of flavour at all ... great little budget devices, not to be sneered at and super stealthy.

The Oxva Xlim Pod Kit

The Oxva Xlim SE Pod Kit

The Aspire Flexus Q Pod System - Great alternative to disposable vapes


If you really love the flavours of Disposable vapes from the like of Geek Bars and Elf Bars and others - then take a look here at Bar Salts, a range of 10ml Vape juice created to mimic the flavours found in disposable vapes.

Well thats all for this instalment in my one man war on disposable vaping!








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