Uwell - Caliburn Range


      Uwell are possibly the kings of the re-usable POD system, with a wide range of POD devices with interchangeable Pods and mesh coils and standard coils.

      These devices are excellent for out and about or as starter vaping kits. - particular highlights of the Uwell Caliburn range are the Uwell Caliburn AK2 and Caliburn GK2 Pod systems, whose pods last a long time wrapped up in a tiny easy to carry device - great for holidays - or messing around on your motorbike!

      Equally good for Nic Salt or standard Nicotine vape juice. The Ak2 and GK2 Pods can really make your mtl e-liquid taste great - even in such a small device.

      A lot of these devices have descended from the original Uwell Caliburn Koko Pod system.

      Want to read what we thought about the AK2 and GK2 Pods ? - read it here : Opinion : The Uwell Caliburn GK2 versus The Uwell Caliburn AK2 Pod Kit

      Free 10ml of our Manabush Manufactured E-liquid or any of the Bar Salts Or Pod Salts range, when you purchase a a Uwell Pod Device - simply write in comments in checkout which juice you would like.

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      Founded in 2015 as Shenzen Uwell Techology Co., Ltd - The Uwell brand, the company intention was to create quality vaping products in the strive to help smokers quit to a better alternative.

      The first product Uwell released was the crown tank - a tank that gained huge popularity amongst the sub-ohm crowd of the day.

      Forward on to 2019 Was the start of the Caliburn range of products - Pod systems that changed the way people came to vaping and started their vaping journey while also creating a handy set of devices for the already established vaper.

      The Caliburn range remains too this day possibly the best and most reliable range of POD systems available in the UK and worldwide.

      2021 and 2022 has seen the release of the Caliburn AK2 and Caliburn GK2 POD systems .. both great easy to carry and use devices - and great alternatives to disposable vapes.