Disposable Vapes and why we say no.

Disposable vapes, they are everywhere, Geek Bars, Elf Bars all sorts of different disposable bars - all the supermarkets and vape shops are full of them, and at least around our way so are the pavements - both packaging and discarded bars.

As a vape company - we find them being pushed hugely by the wholesalers, and we get umpteen calls a day telling us "these are the new way forward"

Thing is they are an old idea - this is back to the days of the old cigalikes, but in a more modern container.

Of course .. even the old style cigalikes you could change the cartridge on ..... 

We are often told (by people trying to sell them to us) that these are "A great way of introducing people to vaping and then moving them onto PODS or other gear".

Im fairly certain PODS were sold as a great introduction to vaping. In fact they were sold as "Starter Kits". Thing with a standard POD is they are reusable and re-chargable, cost the price of three or four disposables .. but last infinitely longer. These disposable items - in a time we are told to reduce our plastic waste seem .. unnecessary. 

We as a company feel these items are not only impactful on the environment ( take claims of recycling schemes with a pinch of salt as a rule, in any industry as far as I can tell not just vaping). but also very hard on the end users pocket. at roughly a fiver for a days worth of vaping - any seasoned vaper can tell you that things can get a WHOLE lot cheaper than that. Not to mention your choice of flavours etc are limited to just a few companies.

And yet .. they are pushed at us - left right and centre.

Aside from their impact on the environment - and your pocket, we feel they are also having a negative impact on the industry. Both in terms of impacting small independent business - and also visually - in an industry that has constantly had to fight for its legitimacy and not be viewed in the same negative light as smoking and the tobacco industry - having the pavement littered with disposable packaging and bars, and having such easy one shot access for the young (most young wont be bothered to spend twenty quid on a device and separate liquid - its one of the reasons the "Gateway" effect has not actually been seen much in vaping up until the advent of these devices), we cant help but feel these devices are not a positive step within the industry and ultimately will do nothing but harm it.

On top of that - we have already seen cases of illegal and fake disposable bars - it's only a matter of time before that goes horribly wrong.

We therefore do not and will not sell and kind of disposable vape and we encourage you - the prospective vaper to look deeper, save yourself some money .. save some landfill, have less of an effect on the planet and get a reusable device ... your choice of E-liquid flavours will literally go up by thousands .. and it will probably cost you the same for ten days worth of vaping as what you are normally spending a day on disposables.

UPDATE : 05/08/22 - This I think is one of my main concerns. As an industry we have long fought he Anti-vaping lobbies both here and abroad. They have had many largely unfounded arguments based largely on non peer reviews pseudo science and experiments weighted in favour of the anti-vaping argument. One of the key arguments that has been used is the gateway for children argument - "children use them", "they are marketed at children", "why would adults want nice flavours", i"ts a gateway to tobacco for children".

All of which have been statistically proven to be largely very wrong over the years, and we have been able to use that in our fight against the anti vaping crowd.

Sadly this is no longer true - the advent of these disposable vape devices has definitely had an impact on under age vaping. I personally walk past two schools on the way home .. and seeing kids walking home with Elf Bars and Geek Bars and other disposable vapes is an all to common occurrence - generally followed by them throwing them on the floor before they get home.

I feel our ability to use those previously disprovable arguments in our defence has been taken away from us by disposable vapes - sure we as vapers know that you can get a better more cost effective vape from a non disposable device, but sadly the media and the Anti-vape groups do not see a difference between a disposable and a genuine reusable device, its all one large soup of vaping to them, to me its quite obvious how that is likely to go.

Here are some good examples of what you can use instead : 

Disposable Vape Alternatives

Aspire Cyber S Vape Pod Kit

Argus Pod SE Pod vape kit by Argus

OXVA Xlim SE - Low cost great flavoured POD kit

Vaporesso Luxe X Pro 40w Vape Pod Kit 

All of the above are great alternative to Elf Bars and Geek Bars and Disposables.

None Disposable devices by The top Disposable Vapes makes

Elf Bar Elfa Pro Rechargeable Pod Device

Crystal Bar Plus Rechargeable Pod Device

Just Juice Oxbar RDD Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kit By Oxva

Disposable Bar Vape Juice Alternative - do you like the flavour of a disposable vape but dont want the moral ambiguity that goes alongside it? Here is a selection of Juices created to mimic the flavour of Disposable bars. - Disposable Vape E-liquids.

There are many more by many other vendors and manufacturers .. the choice is literally enormous.

Find out more about Disposable Vape Alternatives

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  • Paul Marshall

    Well said my friend. I see these disposable pod devices littering the streets round here every day. And in the park. I found a squirrel trying to rip one open. This is not good at all. It’s time single use disposable pods were banned. But who will do that. I wonder. UK legislation with vaping is a farce.

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