Disposable Vape Alternatives

A world of cheaper and more sustainable vape bars and devices

A great selection of Disposable vape alternatives - designed to be cheaper and more sustainable than disposable vapes. These devices allow you to recharge and either refill or replace just the e-liquid-containing Pod on the device, making ongoing costs much more affordable than single-use disposables and being a far better option for the environment.

Note this page is dedicated for those who want to swap from disposable vapes to a better alternative.

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    Looking for an alternative to your disposable vape? Or are you looking for a disposable vape? We have many alternatives to single use devices that are both more cost effective and better for the enviroment.

    The Vaping world is full of re-usable low cost great flavoured PODS, Vape Pens and Mods In fact the disposable companies themselves now do rechargeable devices containing the same juices 

    and pre-filled Pods they use in the disposables, or get a reusable pod system, and find the juice you like and fill it and charge it whenever you want. Most reusable Pod systems when paired with your disposable juice of choice will give a similar and in many cases better vaping experience than a disposable single use vape.

    With this is mind - why spend a fortune on single use disposable devices - better for your pocket this way, and certainly better for the environment!

    Here are some great alternative hardware and E-liquids to disposable vapes and disposables such as Geek Bars, Lost Mary and Elf Bars. Many of the disposable vape companies now make the same juice available in 10ml bottles that are in their devices - swap out for something cheaper and more sustainable today!

    Save the cheerleader, save the world.

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