Drakes E-liquids - UK Naturally Extracted Tobacco Vape Juice


      Drakes E-liquids are manufacturers of primarily Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-liquids (NETS). Based in the UK they have a cult following of tobacco vape juice officiandos.

      Drakes use a natural cold maceration process using the finest tobaccos, to supply 50/50 ejuice in 10ml bottles, 50ml shortfills and concentrates. 

      Fully licensed by the HMRC for handling raw tobacco and fully tested for the MHRA and TPD compliance, Drakes are producing some of the finest NET tobacco vape juice on the UK market.

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      Drake's Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) E-Liquid

      Drake's NET Naturally Extracted Tobacco E-Liquid
      Established in 2014, Drake's is a renowned British creator of the highest-quality Naturally Extracted Tobacco (NET) E-liquids available. We proudly offer a wide range of tobacco blends, carefully sourced from various regions around the world.

      Since 2015, we have been sourcing raw tobacco from diverse corners of the globe. Over the following eight years, we have perfected our cold maceration technique, hand-selecting only the finest, organically cultivated tobacco leaves for our collection. Our meticulous 8-16 week cold maceration process is applied to select tobacco varieties obtained from esteemed global tobacco cultivators.

      Throughout our craftsmanship, we steadfastly avoid the addition of artificial flavours, allowing each tobacco leaf to naturally enrich its unique aroma and flavour. This commitment ensures that every leaf fully develops its distinctive flavour profile. Our e-liquids are available in 50:50 blends and offer nicotine strengths of 18 mg, 12 mg, 6 mg, 3 mg, and 0 mg, all in compliance with TPD regulations. Most importantly, each batch of Drake's tobacco undergoes rigorous laboratory analysis to ensure it is free from harmful substances, including Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl, guaranteeing the utmost purity in our final product. Every one of our NET Tobacco E-liquids has undergone comprehensive testing to ensure quality and provide consumers with complete peace of mind.

      Drakes TObacco E-liquid flavours made with NETs (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos)

      Unlocking the World of NET Tobacco E-Liquids: Benefits and Considerations

      In the vast and evolving universe of e-liquids, NET (Naturally Extracted Tobacco) tobacco e-liquids stand out as a unique and intriguing category. NET e-liquids are known for capturing the true essence of tobacco, offering a distinct vaping experience that appeals to a specific niche of vapers. In this article, we delve into what NET tobacco e-liquids are, their benefits, and the considerations that come with them.

      What Are NET Tobacco E-Liquids?

      NET stands for Naturally Extracted Tobacco, and these e-liquids are made using a process that sets them apart from their synthetic counterparts. The production of NET e-liquids involves steeping actual tobacco leaves in a solvent, commonly alcohol or PG/VG (Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin). This steeping process gradually extracts the natural tobacco flavours and aromatic compounds from the leaves, resulting in an e-liquid that encapsulates the authentic essence of tobacco.

      The Benefits of NET Tobacco E-Liquids:

      1. Authenticity: The most significant advantage of NET e-liquids is their unparalleled authenticity. By utilizing real tobacco leaves, these e-liquids capture the intricate nuances and the rich aroma of genuine tobacco. Vapers seeking a vaping experience reminiscent of traditional smoking often find NET e-liquids to be a compelling choice.
      2. Complexity of Flavour: NET e-liquids tend to offer a more complex and layered flavour profile. This complexity arises from the diverse compounds naturally present in the tobacco leaves. Vapers can explore a multi-dimensional taste experience that mirrors the richness of real tobacco, complete with its subtle variations.
      3. Unique and Evolving Experience: NET e-liquids can exhibit some degree of variability from batch to batch. The specific tobacco leaves used and variations in the extraction process contribute to this. For many vapers, this variability adds an element of surprise and excitement to their vaping journey. Each bottle can deliver a slightly different taste, creating an evolving experience.
      4. Appealing to Connoisseurs: NET e-liquids are often favoured by connoisseurs and those who appreciate the intricacies of tobacco. These vapers seek a deeper and more genuine connection to the essence of the tobacco plant. NET e-liquids cater to this niche market by offering a truly unique experience.

      Considerations and Downfalls of NET Tobacco E-Liquids:

      1. Price: NET e-liquids are typically more expensive than their synthetic counterparts. The labour-intensive process of extracting and preparing the tobacco can drive up the cost of production. Vapers who are budget-conscious may find NET e-liquids to be a premium option.
      2. Variability: While some vapers enjoy the ever-changing experience of NET e-liquids, others may find the variability a downside. It can be challenging to replicate a favourite taste consistently, which could be frustrating for those seeking a dependable flavour.
      3. Limited Variety: The world of NET e-liquids is not as vast and diverse as that of synthetic e-liquids. You won't find the same wide array of flavour options, from fruits to desserts, that you might encounter with synthetic e-liquids.

      In conclusion, NET tobacco e-liquids are a niche within the vaping world, appealing to those who seek authenticity, complexity, and a unique connection to the world of tobacco. Their benefits lie in their genuine tobacco taste, intricate flavour profiles, and the ever-evolving vaping experience they offer. However, considerations include their higher cost, variability, and a more limited selection compared to synthetic e-liquids. The choice between NET and synthetic e-liquids ultimately depends on individual preferences and what kind of vaping experience you seek to achieve.