Opinion : What are the best MTL Atomisers Tanks for MTL Vaping?

MTL or Mouth to lung vaping - its how vaping started, and it’s still as popular today as it ever was. There was a big blip a couple of years ago where it became very difficult to find MTL gear for awhile - during the Sub-ohm cloudy revolution, but with the advent of todays POD and AIO systems and a resurgence in MTL specific atomisers and kit, MTL is definitely here to stay.

As to what is the best, well that really depends on if you are looking for Stock Coil kit (that you buy and change) or rebuildable kit (where you make your coils yourself. Also there are PODS and AIO’s et, but they are beyond the scope of this article, I may cover them at another time. As I don’t use Stock coils (although if you do I recommend the various iterations of the Nautilus atomisers - currently the Nautilus 3 - they have more than stood the test of time.) This article will be mainly about re-buildable MTL Atomizers.

In my time as a Vaper, I have written a reasonable amount of opinions, reviews and how to’s on various MTL atomisers. And as an exponent of MTL myself, have always found myself stuck on a few various pieces of kit that work well for me. Those of you who have followed my ramblings in the past on Planet Of The Vapes will know that I was for many years an big user and fan of the GP Heron - a company very sadly no longer with us, and with their fall .. went their spare o-rings … so after many years of pretty much sole using those atomisers I had to find something else.

Unfortunately .. when my Many herons all gave up the ghost was smack in the middle of the Sub-Ohm Cloudy revolution, and kit for MTL vapers was very pretty to come by - then suddenly out of nowhere Vandyvape released the Berserker, it was a good atomiser (although I always felt the name “Berserker!” was a hugely overkill name for the gentle art of MTL vaping! 

I used this for awhile - but the release of the Berserker seemed to start a landslide of affordable and very usable MTL atomisers. All of a sudden there was practically a Glut - each one pretty much as good as the next.

For me personally the next step up after the berserker was the Cthulu Hastur Mini - a great little MTL Tank device with superb flavour and a drip tip that could remove teeth during a drunken vaping session.

Then the EHPRO True Tank came out .. this was a good tank - I loved it, it had the usual ability to leak randomly occasionally .. but fantastic flavour! And you could get a bubble glass which imp[roved it a lot - although not visually some would say!

After that came the Glaz Mini Atomiser - and I honestly thought affordable MTL vaping Nirvana had been reached - excellent flavour, good size tank, reasonably easy to build, leaked occasionally though .. as most are want to do.

Of course all had their niggles (and most still do - I don’t THINK as of ever there has ever been a “perfect” atomiser. The Berserker was perhaps too tight at times, The Cthulu Hastur Mini was fantastic .. but I chipped a tooth on that long drip tip, and occasionally it could be a finicky wicker as could the Glaz Mini at times.

As stated above .. when I find something that works - albeit with a few foibles (thats just a part of vaping) - I tend to stick with it and stop looking, and so it came to pass that some time last year I was introduced to the Yachtvape Pandora MTL RTA Tank. Almost perfect for my tastes this thing, the draw is absolutely superb and adjustable within true MTL parameters, not “Tight as a rats arse to Massive Air-tunnel”, just all the best bits of MTL draw, adjustable - very easy to build on and superb flavour. The only complaint I had about the atomiser, and this is a complaint about all the top fill atomisers I have ever tried, was that after top filling sometimes you got dry hits / or conversely .. floods! It was rarer than a lot of tanks though so I could live with it. Sadly unlike the Glaz Mini in its factory form - it did not have the ability to bottom fill - which cuts out a lot of dry hit / flooding options. Then wonder of wonders! Yachtvape released a Bell Cap for The Pandora MTL Atomizer - this removed the ability to top fill - and gave you the ability to bottom fill - thereby making a very very good atomiser almost Perfect for my particular tastes. 

In terms of vaping hardware lifespan - the Yachtvape Pandora MTL Tank is quite old now (A YEAR!) - which sadly means in these days of fickle next big thing distro’s that it has become a hard atomiser to get hold of in the UK. The is a shame - I am still using this atomiser to this day - I have six, with the bell cap they are that good.

Until now .. that is - we are pleased to say we have a number of Yachtvape Pandora MTL Atomisers on the way in to stock in our new Hardware section, where we are trying to build up and collate a special selection of MTL kit ideal for our E-liquids.

The rumour mill is also grinding and say there will be a Yachtvape Pandora MTL Tank Atomiser V2 before the end of the year … I for one cannot wait.

Update - We now have the Digiflavor Siren V4 RTA Atomiser in stock - its proving to be a great value and easy top set up MTL Atomiser fantastic for your MTL or tobacco vape juice. And we have recently changed our pricing on the Cthulu Artemis MTL RTA to clear.


  • ZT

    You are correct Andrew, that should be in there – not sure why i forgot it, i used to use them!

    Kayfun light – one of the best MTL tanks there were, i personally ended up favouring the GP Heron v1 and 1.5 (but not the 2!) eventually, but the Kayfun lites were still a great tank.

  • Andrew Jones

    Properly surprised to see no mention of the Kayfun Lite, I realise it was a seriously expensive tank a couple of years ago but they can be found quite reasonably now.

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