New Website - New Spiritwalker, New Brand "Likitless" and New Indigéne Eliquid Flavours!

This weekend we have four new Spiritwalker Reborn flavours - two of which never seen before. Also .. the wait is over! A new Indigéne Eliquid flavour - and a new brand on the site - Likitless.

ON top of this - we hope you like our new site design! designed to be easier to find your way around. To celebrate we have Bank Holiday weekend Price reductions from now until Midnight Bank Holiday Monday. An ideal time to try our new flavours!

Four new flavours are now available in the Spiritwalker Reborn Range. Two of which are completely new not only to the Reborn range but also the original Spiritwalker range.

All available as 50ml Shortfills for 3mg Vapers or 20ml Sortfills for 6mg Vapers - and all with free Nicshots.


Coyote : Long asked for - we never got around to doing the Spiritwalker version of Coyote Coconut from the Nokomis Range.
Well .. its here now, and the Coconut suits the biscuity Spiritwalker reborn base fabulously.


Mash : A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away - we were dabbling with a coffee based flavour for the Nokomis Range, this ... is not it. (but that WILL be appearing soon in the tribute range).

This has come out of those experiments though - this is Mash - Its the Spiritwalker Reborn base blended with Coffee Liqueur, Cream a hint of caramel and a tiny touch of espresso... its divine.


Musa : Our Dark Rum, Toffee and Vanilla gets twisted up in this tobacco-free Spiritwalker Reborn based cocktail. It may have lost an "O" but its lost none of the flavour.


BozhoThe Spiritwalker Reborn edition of our luxurious realistic banana - Nanabozho. Spiritwalker, Custard and Banana - its all there.... Except the word "Nana".



Its been a long time ... but it was worth it ...

New from Indigène eLiquid- SGWARNOG. The Indigène flavours are part of a family tree, sharing elements with each other and Sgwarnog is one branch of this tree that we always wanted to release. Well, now we have: Sgwarnog takes the Turkish tobacco branch of Paraxu and reworks this with a sharper fruit, raspberry, to produce something fresher and lighter. Summery, fresh and complex: Sgwarnog is a must try.


Sgwarnog by Indigéne Eliquid : Is a bold Turkish tobacco flavour blended with sweet raspberry. The darkness of the tobacco is balanced against this sharp, Summery fruit for a delicious all day vape to delight the palate.




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