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Twisted Leaf - Flavour Blended versions of our Leaf Tobacco Range.

Manabush Designed the Leaf range of Tobacco E-liquids as Straight base tobacco flavours. 

This new range Twisted Leaf is the next phase in the development of these outstanding new tobacco E-liquids, and is closer to what Manabush is known for - that "Tobacco and something" flair that kick started our little company Seven years ago.

These flavours take the first three releases in the Leaf Tobacco E-liquid range, and expand on them with some choice and flavoursome toppings.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Manabush tobacco range without a new version of Chiri ... and we hate to disappoint.

The Twisted Leaf range of Tobacco E-liquids has been created by us to full-fill a need for affordable all day tobacco vapes. Ideal for tobacco E-liquid enthusiasts - and especially good for those attempting to quit smoking. These twisted versions of our new Leaf range are designed for those who like more of a flavour of something else alongside their tobaccos, something Manabush is famous for.

Created with our nigh on 10 years of tobacco flavouring knowledge - this carefully created tobacco range is sure to satisfy the tobacco and also non tobacco vaper.

If you are after a straight tobacco e-liquid - please check out our LEAF Range.