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Twisted Leaf By Manabush - The Full Range - 50ml

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Twisted Leaf is the natural Manabush progression of our new Leaf straight tobacco E-liquid range.

We delved outside our comfort comfort zone a tad developing LEAF - we tend to use other flavours to counter some of the harsher or less desirable elements of tobacco flavourings used in vaping. With Leaf we wanted straighter more everyday pure tobaccos .. and we will continue to develop that line of tobacco Vape juices.

However we always had the intention of using those tobacco bases in a far more familiar “Manabush” way - and this is the culmination of that.

Each of the New Leaf range has been given a very Manabush makeover in this new tobacco blends e-liquid range. Introducing “Twisted Leaf” cleverly blended tobacco and somethings - from Manabush.

This is your chance to try the Full Range of our new "Leaf" Tobacco Eliquids in one pack - with all the Nicshots you need.

This is the 50ml Pack - ideal for 3mg vapers and contains the following flavours : 

Creme Corona - Our big bold dark Maduro wrapped cigar E-liquid is tempered and smoothed out with a lush realistic Vanilla Cream overlay.

Like a case of Divergent evolution, while in different ranges and different flavours this Vanilla Creamy Cigar Tobacco E-liquid takes up the same ecological niche in the Twisted Leaf range as our famous Powwow Sauce does in the Nokomis Range.

Cafe Cappuccino - takes our Cafe Cigarillo E-liquid( a smaller lighter cigar) and perfectly blends it with a great Italian Cappuccino. 

The Espresso Coffee blends perfectly with the Cigar in this E-liquid with just the very faintest hint of milk foam - like a good cappuccino should be.

Chiri Blonde - Manabush fans will need no introduction to Chiri Blonde. this is the Leaf Ranges Sweet Blonde tobacco - overlaid with our signature famous Chiricahua Sun Flavouring.

For those less versed - its Sweet blonde tobacco, with an overlay of nuts and salty caramel - and is a truly delicious vape.

Virginia Kiss - Virginia Kiss is our Blackstone Virginia Tobacco Vape Juice cleverly entwined with the Butterscotch, Caramel and Cream from our Caramel Kiss E-liquid.

Whiskey Blonde - Another Twist on our Sweet Blonde Tobacco E-liquid that sits perfectly in our “Twisted Leaf Range.

This E-liquid takes Sweet Blonde tobacco and combines it with Whiskey and a dash of cream, Creating a sublime Easy to vape Whiskey and tobacco Vape Juice

Includes all required Nic Shots