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Direct To Lung DTL Vaping - what is it.

In the early days, everybody switching to vaping used an electronic cigarette that delivered a variation of tight mouth to lung (MTL) vaping. With the development of subohm coils, tanks, and high-power mods, the niche cloud competition style of vaping became a mainstream direct to lung (DTL) vaping phenomenon.

Read more about it here.

Nicotine Salts - POD salts, Nic Salts, what they are and who are they for?

Manabush looks at nicotine Salts/nic salts to cover what they are, why they exist and who should think about using them.

In this article, Manabush describes what nic salts are, why they are used, the benefits vapers might notice and possible reasons not to use e-liquids containing nicotine salts. Hopefully, by the end, we will have answered all of your questions. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information or guidance.

What Are Shortfills and Nicshots? - and how to use them.
Here, we unravel the mysteries of the Shortfill e-liquid and how to use them. Shortfills are larger bottles of Zero mg (non-nicotine-containing) e-liquid supplied with enough space in the bottle to add a 10ml “Nic-shot” or your DIY additions. Typically,...
Nic salts and "Freebase" Nicotine - Which one for me ?
Our New range "Firewater" is also available in 20mg Nicsalts, for those of you unfamiliar with Nicsalts that would like to find out a bit more and find out which product is right for you .. read on.