Nic salts and "Freebase" Nicotine - Which one for me ?

What are nic salts?

UPDATE (9/7/2021) : A more up to date and explanatory article on Nic Salts and Nicotine Salt E-liquid can be found here : Nicotine Salts - what are they and who are they for.

 Our New range "Firewater" is also available in 20mg Nic salts, for those of you unfamiliar with Nic salts that would like to find out a bit more and find out which product is right for you .. read on.

Excerpt from Planet of the vapes by DW1986

Nic salts are derived from the natural nicotine salts found in tobacco plants, these salts are made up of positively charged ionized nicotine molecules bound to negatively charged organic conjugates. Freebase nicotine, as found in the ‘traditional’ eliquids we are used to, is a result of extracting these salts from tobacco plants and using ammonia to increase the pH level, returning the nicotine to a neutrally charged freebase state. 

Nicotine salts aim to replicate the same nicotine hit that is provided by smoking a cigarette, as the nicotine salts are absorbed into your bloodstream much faster than the freebase nicotine found in ‘traditional’ eliquids on the market, meaning that a nicotine hit is felt quicker from inhaling vaporized eliquid containing nicotine salts. 

On average, when smoking a cigarette it takes around 6-7 seconds for the nicotine hit to have an effect, and vaping freebase nicotine tends to take longer for this effect to take hold, whereas nic salts work quicker and provide the hit sooner. 

Nicotine salts based eliquids from experience allow you to vape a higher concentration of nicotine, with a surprisingly smooth draw.

Read more from this article here : POTV

Why are we using Nic salts in Firewater ? 

With the rise of POD, AIO and stealth systems - we wanted to offer a higher strength with a quicker hit for use in such systems.

In our opinion these systems are ideal for traveling or carrying around on a day to day basis. We do not recommend these systems for general vaping or chasing flavour - for that we recommend more traditional atomisers and mods and standard Nicotine at your normal strength.

but for an easy carry quick fix of Nicotine - these new small systems are excellent, and used alongside your normal gear and standard "Freebase" Nicotine can definitely find a place in your day to day arsenal.

In summary

In our opinion ...

If you are after flavour and your normal relaxing vape - we recommend our standard nicotine products and your normal day to day use gear.

If you are travelling around, on a night out, or at your workplace .. the higher quick Nicotine hit and easy of carrying of a POD or AIO system coupled with a 20mg Nic salt is worth the slight reduction and change in flavour.

We personally make use of both - this is what vaping is all about though isn't it? The choice to do whats right for you.

We have a large selection of Nicotine Salt MTL Eliquids for you to peruse over in our Nic Salt E-liquids Collection.




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