What Are Shortfills and Nicshots? - and how to use them.

Here, we unravel the mysteries of the Shortfill e-liquid and how to use them.

Shortfills are larger bottles of Zero mg (non-nicotine-containing) e-liquid supplied with enough space in the bottle to add a 10ml “Nic-shot” or your DIY additions.

Typically, they are 50ml of liquid in a 60ml bottle, but they may also come in other forms, such as our own 20ml of liquid in a 30ml bottle (ideal for 6mg vapers) or 10ml of liquid in a 30ml bottle (suitable for 12mg vapers).

The bottle's short filling gives the “Shortfill” its name.

Shortfills resulted from the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive), which restricted the maximum size of nicotine-containing liquid bottles to 10ml.

This had the potential for large price rises on nicotine-containing liquids, as the customer would have to buy multiple 10ml bottles instead of their usual larger bottles.

The Shortfill bottles. They do not contain any nicotine and can, therefore, legally be sold in any size bottle - ready for the user to add their nicotine via the use of various Nicshots.

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What are Nicshots - or Nic-shots

A Nicshot (or Nicotine shot or Nic-Shot) is a 10ml bottle of (typically) un-flavoured Nicotine at various strengths suspended in Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine.

They are used to add Nicotine to Shortfills (Zero Nicotine flavoured e-liquid in a larger bottle) - and as an example, the combination of Nicshots and 50ml Shortfills is generally a less expensive method than buying 5 x 10ml Flavoured E-Liquid, not to mention a very importantly these days providing much less plastic waste - especially as larger bottles can be re-used. In comparison, 10ml bottles are too small and end up discarded and presumably in landfill.

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