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Valentines Special - Powwow Caramel Kiss - Limited Edition 30ml Shortfill for 6mg Vapers

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Powwow - Caramel Kiss, Limited Edition Single Batch - The latest iteration of the original and best custard tobacco.

For more or less a decade old now, Powwow Sauce has been a staple of "tobacco and something" lovers for nigh on 10 years, and we are fairly certain Powwow was the first ever Custard Tobacco (although we are happy to be proved wrong).

Powwow has seen some changes over the last 10 years, both unintentionally and intentionally in the various different versions we have done of this versatile and comforting E-liquid.

This special Valentines edition is both a nod to times past and a glimpse into the future, The new top notes are in fact a preview of a new juice forthcoming in our Soon to be released range "The Dairy Divergent".

We have stripped the custard out of Powwow totally and using our our newer Tribute Sweet Tobacco base have totally rebuilt the top notes with our soon to be released Butterscotch, Salty Caramel and Luxurious Vanilla Cream - This creates a truly sublime and deep version of powwow sauce with a fantastically creamy mouthfeel, and notes of Butterscotch and the overall caramel flavour of the base is intensified by the Salty Caramel in the "Caramel Kiss" Cream.

Released for this Valentines weekend as a single batch Limited Edition.

This is the 30ml Version for 6mg vapers. (being a shortfill this means 20ml in a 30ml bottle - it requires a nic shot to make up the 30ml - sold separately.)

Available in the following : 

50ml Shortfill for the 1.5mg and 3mg Vapers (making a total of 60ml)

20ml Shortfill for the 6mg Vapers (making a total of 30ml)

Requires Nic Shots - Sold Separately - We recommend 50/50 VG/ PG Nic Shots

This juice like all of its predecessors is a complex juices - you are free to vape it as soon as you have mixed it of course, but it will improve with "steeping" time.

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