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The Dairy Divergent - Full Range of UK Lush Dairy Eliquids

The Dairy Divergent - Full Range of UK Lush Dairy Eliquids

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All FIVE flavours from our new Dairy Divergent Range in 50ml Shortfill - with Nicshots.

Range contains the below flavours and all the nic shots you need to make the range up to 60ml of each fabulous flavour : 

Very Vanilla Cream : This was a cream we initially developed as the top notes for “Creme Corona” in the “Twisted Leaf” Tobacco range. This luxuriously creamy and .. well very vanilla cream has a really thick flavour and outstanding mouth feel. Its a great and full vape on its own - however we also encourage you try mixing it with other E-liquids, we want you to play with it so much in fact we have for the first time in our companies history made it available as a concentrate, or just mix and match the Shortfill with your other E-liquids.


Long Eaton Mess : Named for a town close by us - anyone who has ever been there will know that the nearest to an Eton mess you are likely to get is some supermarket meringue with dried strawberries and raspberry topped off with some squirty cream. 

Our Long Eaton Mess is not that - This is meringue with fresh strawberry and raspberry held together with our highly thick tasting Very Vanilla Cream - a spirited recreation of the Manabush owners all time favourite dessert.


Coffee Creme X : Tried our Toffee Creme X ? This is similar, but we removed the Toffee, made it extra creamy and then topped it up with Coffee and just a smidge of Mocha.

I’ts like a creamier Dairy version of our Mocha Coconut Latte. With a tad more brew.


Caramel Kiss : This is like something you would get drizzled over a sponge pudding in a posh restaurant.

This is Butterscotch and Salted Caramel melted into our luscious Vanilla Cream - truly decadent, but without the cavities or calories.



Skull Island Mess : We took the classic Eton Mess removed the berries and infused it with a rich Banana - if banana is yo thang, if you would stay up at night for just another toke on Nanabozho or Bozho or Banoffee Custard - this … right here is going to float your boat. While built on our classic Eton Mess base I personally feel there is an edge of Sundae to it as well.

One for the Apes.


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