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SLIVR - Engineered Vape Cotton by Stealthvape.


We are proud to be stocking this Excellent vape cotton engineered by one of the oldest and most respected UK Vape hardware companies - Stealthvape.

SLIVR is a sterile vape cotton manufactured in the UK with excellent wicking properties for your rebuildable atomiser - its strands are specially designed to wick your vape juice to its full potential.

Carefully selected and expertly prepared using our in-house UV and o3 treatment processes this cotton is sterile and contamination free, and simply the finest wicking material possible.

Flavourless, easy to manipulate and with zero break in time, SLIVR is simply the best vape cotton available.

Presented in a custom laser etched case with easy refill pouch options, our next gen vape wick is your finest solution.

Grab yours from the drop down menu now! Your E-liquid and Atomisers will thank you for it!

Available as a snazzy tin or refill pouch.