The Lancashire Creamery E-liquids


      Indulge in Decadent Desserts with Lancashire Creamery 100ml Shortfill E-Liquid:

      Explore the exquisite world of Lancashire Creamery 100ml shortfill E-Liquids, renowned for their velvety and luscious dessert-style vape juices. Crafted by Future Juice, these blends offer a perfect fusion of creamy goodness with various flavours, including custards, milkshakes, butterscotch, and ice creams.

      Future Juice has unveiled a new collection, The Lancashire Creamery, featuring five irresistibly moreish flavours to tantalise your taste buds. Whether you crave the comforting notes of a freshly baked dessert like Bread & Butter Pudding or desire a unique blend such as Pistachio & Hazelnut Custard, this range promises an extraordinary vaping experience.

      With a balanced 70VG/30PG ratio, Lancashire Creamery is tailor-made for Sub-Ohm vapers, ensuring smooth and satisfying cloud production. To achieve a 3mg strength, add two nicotine shots to this 100ml liquid, allowing you to relish the inviting flavours without compromise.

      Embark on a dessert and fruity vaping journey with Lancashire Creamery – where indulgence meets innovation.

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      The Lancashire Creamery Range of DTL Custard based e-liquids and Manabush.

      The Lancashire Creamery Dairy 100ml Shortfills are a great addition to Manabush's growing collection of Custard and Dairy Vapes - both by us and other excellent UK vendors - they sit in well with our own Dairy Divergent Range - and are a great addition to our vast collection of Custard And Dairy Vape juice in our Custard E-liquid Collection.

      How to add nic shots to the bottles used in the The Lancashire Creamery 100ml Shortfill Range

      Although all Shortfill Bottles vary, The general design is much the same - once you have removed the cap, there - is generally some method of adding the Nic Shots to the Shortfill Bottle Easily - sometimes this is a flip-up cap (flip and click) a pull-out nib, they are all relatively simple to use - the below guide will give you the general idea of adding nic to any shortfill bottle.

      Shortfill Nic Shot filling instructions - Slide 1

      Step 1: Locate the flip top of the Bottle

      The Nib of the Bottle has a flip-up top to make it easier for you to add your nic shots. Unscrew the cap of the shortfill bottle and look for the Knurled edge on once side of the base of the nib.

      Nic Shot FIlling Instructions - Slide 2

      Step 2: Flip up the top!

      Once you have located the knurled section simply use your thumb on the knurled section to flip open the top of the nib section - revealing an aperture for you to squeeze your nic shot e-liquid into.

      Nic Shot Filling Instructions - Slide 3

      Step 3: Fill up with your nic shots!

      Remove the screw top cap of your nic shot bottle and locate the nib of the nic shot into the aperture on the shortfill bottle, squeeze all that e-liquid into the big bottle, replace the cap and shake thoroughly.