Riot Squad - Nic Salt & Hybrid Nic Salt Eliquids


      Riot Squad create Multi Award E-Liquids all Manufactured in the UK.

      Here is our selection of Riot Squad MTL Nic Salt (Nicotine Salt) and Hybrid Nic Salt E-liquid.

      These vape juices when paired with a pod system are ideal alternatives to disposable vapes. cut the expense and be environmentally sound!

      Hybrid Nic salts are a mix of Nicotine Salts and Regular Freebase Nicotine - so you can get the fast absorption of Nic Salts, while retaining some of the throat hit of Free Base Nicotine, its a clever solution especially for tobacco nic salt vapes where throat hit is part of the overall flavour experience.

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      Forming in 2016 Riot Squad says it was created to secure "Mass Disruption" - Since then Riot Squad have won many awards for their Riot Squad E-liquid and Hybrid Nic Salt E-liquids.

      Committed to helping people quit smoking with their tobacco and Menthol Tobacco E-liquids.