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Riot Squad - Nic Salt & Hybrid Nic Salt Eliquids

Riot Squad create Multi Award E-Liquids all Manufactured in the UK.

Here is our selection of Riot Squad MTL Nic Salt (Nicotine Salt) and Hybrid Nic Salt E-liquid.

Hybrid Nic salts are a mix of Nicotine Salts and Regular Freebase Nicotine - so you can get the fast absorption of Nic Salts, while retaining some of the throat hit of Free Base Nicotine, its a clever solution especially for tobacco nic salt vapes where throat hit is part of the overall flavour experience.

Forming in 2016 Riot Squad says it was created to secure "Mass Disruption" - Since then Riot Squad have won many awards for their Riot Squad E-liquid and Hybrid Nic Salt E-liquids.

Committed to helping people quit smoking with their tobacco and Menthol Tobacco E-liquids.