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      The Nokomis Range

      The Nokomis Range was created back close to the start of the UK Electronic Cigarette revolution. created initially in 2012 by a hobbyist, The industry at the time was such that a lot of the many hobbyists quickly became the first UK companies to enter the Vaping sector.

      The UK Tobacco Eliquid vapes of the time were for the most part (but not exclusively) fairly uninspiring, and we wanted to up the game and create tobacco flavours that had a deeper level of interest and flavour.

      Now available in 10ml TPD compliant bottles (in pack sizes of one and three) and also Shortfills (60ml bottle size - 50ml of liquid - for use with either your own DIY additions or our 18mg liquids as nic-shots).

      What are Shortfills

      Shortfills are larger bottles of Zero mg (non nicotine containing) e-liquid supplied with enough space in the bottle to add a 10ml “Nic-shot” or your own DIY additions.

      Typically they are 50ml of liquid in a 60ml bottle - but may also come in other forms - such as our own 20ml of liquid in a 30ml bottle (ideal for 6mg vapers) or 10ml of liquid in a 30ml bottle (ideal for 12mg vapers).

      The short filling of the bottle is what gives the “Shortfill” its name.

      Shortfills came about as a result of the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) - which restricted Nicotine containing liquid bottles maximum size too 10ml.

      This had the potential for large price rises on Nicotine containing liquids - as the customer would have to buy multiple 10ml bottles instead of their usual larger bottle.

      The Shortfill bottles. themselves do not contain any nicotine and can therefore legally be sold in any size bottle - ready fo the user to add their own nicotine via the use of various Nicshots.

      What are Nicshots - or Nic-shots

      A Nicshot (or Nicotine shot or Nic-Shot) is a 10ml bottle of (normally) un-flavoured Nicotine at various strengths suspended in Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine

      They are used to add Nicotine to Shortfills (Zero Nicotine flavoured eliquid in a larger bottle) - and as an example the combination of Nicshots and 50ml Shortfills is generally a less expensive method than buying 5 x 10ml Flavoured E-Liquid, not to mention and very importantly these days providing much less plastic waste - especially as larger bottles can be re-used, while 10ml bottles are too small and simply end up discarded and presumably in landfill.

      How Nicotine Shots work in the Nokomis Shortfills

      The Nokomis Range of Shortfills are designed to be used with the 18mg version of the same flavour - so for example : 1 x 50ml bottle of Powwow Sauce has enough room for 1 x 18mg bottle Powwow Sauce, this method will retain the full flavour of the original 10ml Eliquid.

      However - some people prefer to use a standard unflavoured Nicshot instead of the 18mg version of the juice - and this is fine! Just understand that using an unflavoured nic-shot in the Nokomis Range will result in a very slight loss of flavour - but then the range is fairly strongly flavoured anyway.