Disposable Vape Alternatives - Hardware


      Looking for some affordable hardware to move away from single-use disposable vapes?

      Our selection of vape pens, pod kits and starter kits make excellent disposable Vape alternatives. Hardware is curated to help you switch from single-use disposable devices. Also included in this selection are swappable pre-filled rechargeable pod devices created by some of the most well-known disposable vape manufacturers, such as Elf Bar and SKE Crystal, ideal for those who want to retain some familiarity with disposables while also wanting to make the switch to a more sustainable device.

      Reusable vape devices are on the whole, less impactful on the environment and less costly than disposable vapes. 

      You also get a far wider choice of both Vape Hardware and Vape Juice than with Disposable PODS.