Disposable Vapes

Hi! you found this page because you are searching for a disposable vape, likely an Elf Bar or Geek Bar or similar.

Unfortunately - we do not sell Elf Bars or Geek Bars - or any other disposable vape.

We understand that they are being sold as a "great introduction to vaping" - but feel that existing re-usable PODS and mods were already covering that fine, and at far less cost to both your pocket and the planet and environment.

We encourage you - as a vaper to try these different reusable alternatives, that mean you can re-charge, change flavours when you want and use flavours not available in disposable format - opening you up to the much wider and above all pocket friendly and more environmentally friendly world of vaping.

We feel these products are harming not just the environment but the independent vape industry as a whole, and we encourage you to look further and explore a huge and wonderful world of less impactful products.

For a start take a look at these then pick any e-liquid you want out of a world of literally thousands, it will cost you far less than a fiver a day : 

Caliburn AK2 - Awesome Flavour reusable POD kit

OXVA Xlim SE - Low cost great flavoured POD kit

Many thanks!