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The Humidor Pack - Part II - try the new three firewater flavours

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The Humidor Pack - Part II is the ideal way to sample each of the new "FireWater" flavours, No. Four, No.Five and No.Six.

Contains 10ml of each of the latest "FireWater" flavours.

Available in 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 12mg, 18mg strengths.

Fire Water No.Four (The Son Of Chiricahua) is inspired by and a nod to the original version of Chiricahua Sun, hence the subtitle “Sun Of Chiricahua” - It is not a recreation of it .. it's a new juice inspired by the favourite Nokomis range juice. Adding a lovely sweet edge of salty Carmel and peanut to the firewater base this makes for a great All Day Vape or sweeter treat in the evening.

Fire Water No.Five takes the base Firewater flavour and blends it with an Apple Cider and a hint of cinnamon to give you a familiar warm vape, based upon the cocktail “Bourbon Apple Cider”.

Fire Water No.Six is a take on a “Kentucky Mule” The Firewater base is overplayed with a dry ginger ale. Think of being sat in a large overstuffed armchair smoking an Italian cigar and sipping on a “Kentucky Mule” Bourbon and Dry Ginger ale.

Please choose strength from the drop down below.