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Base Zero - The Full Range in 50ml


The Base Zero Full Range 50ml Bundle!

Containing all ELEVEN flavours from the Base Zero range.
All over strength and designed to be used with Nicshots.

50ml each of: 

Base Zero 01 : Grape+
This simple sounding flavour is a rich deep and unsweetened red type grape - originally designed at the request of customers to our shop in Nottingham. There are actually different types of grape flavouring and the more "super taster" types amongst you will notice subtle layering. For those of us not blessed with "super taste" this is a rich refreshing grape flavour.

Base Zero 02 : Traditional Cola
A straight Traditional Cola Flavour (from Cola Beans NOT syrup! - think Cola in a posh bottle - not a can!)

Designed by request from customers in our shop in Nottingham - this is a very refreshing and realistic Cola.

Base Zero 03 : Tropical Mimosa
We take the traditional morning Mimosa cocktail of orange juice and champagne and add a bit of dreamy sunshine with tropical Mango, Coconut and Lychee.

Base Zero 04 : Nut Custard
Rich creamy custard mixed with a swirl of peanut butter and overlayed with nuts. A new twist on a familiar flavour.

Base Zero 05 : Banoffee Custard
The legendary mix of Toffee and Banana swirled into a rich creamy custard and sprinkled with Nuts ... Calorie Free!

Base Zero 06 : Gin Jack
An unusual and elegant Gin - infused with exotic Jack Fruit and Cactus.

Base Zero 07 : Coconut xCream
Coconut - we love coconut its one of our favourite things, so here unabashed is Coconut xCream - Coconut Milk smoothed with cream.

Base Zero 08 : Eggnog
A simple luxurious lovely take on a very lightly spiced Eggnog - a very comforting vape and perfect for those cold winter evenings or anytime a timeless classic.

Base Zero 09 : Golden Pear Brûlée
A delicious Pear Brûlée style custard drizzled with sweet Golden syrup - a very creamy and sweat pear based vape.

Base Zero 10: Toffee Creme X is a reimagining and replacement for the lauded BUNKR - TOFFEE CREME. 

Base Zero 11: Pineapple+ Following on from our Popular Grape+, this simple sounding Pineapple is packed full of Exotic Pineapple flavour and is akin to the flavour of drinking good quality Pineapple juice (not from concentrate!).