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Disposable Vapes - The tide seems to be changing - Disposable Vape Ban ?

I have done a few blog posts on disposable vapes over the last few years - and those of you who have read them are probably aware I am not their biggest fan, the reasons for which I have outlined elsewhere - but will give you a little reminder below after this intro.

It looks like the tide is turning in regards to the law and Disposable vapes with murmurings and whispers of an outright ban on single use disposable vapes as early as next week (current date : 13/09/23) - but is a ban the right thing to do? and if not - what controls can be put in place to lessen the impact of disposables and curb the disturbing trend of illegal Disposable Vapes with too high Nicotine content and more than the legal capacity being openly sold in high street shops and (witnessed with my own eyes) from tiny street stalls all over Skegness and Ingoldmells and I assume by extrapolation every other seaside town or tourist destination with a fun fair ?