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Very Vanilla Cream Eliquid - 50ml Shortfill UK Eliquid


Very Vanilla Cream : This was a cream we initially developed as the top notes for “Creme Corona” in the “Twisted Leaf” Tobacco range. This luxuriously creamy and .. well very vanilla cream has a really thick flavour and outstanding mouth feel. Its a great and full vape on its own - however we also encourage you try mixing it with other E-liquids, we want you to play with it so much in fact we have for the first time in our companies history made it available as a concentrate, or just mix and match the Shortfill with your other E-liquids.

Available in : 

50ml Shortfill for 3mg vapers

30ml Shortfill for 6mg vapers

(the above require nic shots - sold separately)

and : Concentrate for DIY experimentation (NOTE : this is a concentrate - do not use without dilution).

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