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Twisted Leaf by Manabush - Creme Corona 30ml Shortfill for 12mg Vapers

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Creme Corona is our big bold dark Maduro wrapped cigar E-liquid tempered and smoothed out with a lush realistic Vanilla Cream overlay. If anything making it even more decadent than its Standard Counterpart.

Like a case of Divergent evolution, while in different ranges and different flavours this Vanilla Creamy Cigar Tobacco E-liquid takes up the same ecological niche in the Twisted Leaf range as our famous Powwow Sauce does in the Nokomis Range.

Its divine.

This is our 30ml shortfill (10ml in a 30ml bottle) ideal for 12mg vapers and including all the Nicshots you need to make the full bottle. Also available in 30ml for 6mg vapers and 50ml for 3mg vapers.

Includes both Nic Shots required to make 30ml of 12mg Eliquid

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