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Manabush Eliquid

The Cola Divergent - The Full Range Of UK Cola Eliquids from Manabush

The Cola Divergent - The Full Range Of UK Cola Eliquids from Manabush

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The Cola Divergent Full Range 50ml Bundle!

Containing all Seven flavours from The Cola Divergent range.
All over strength and designed to be used with Nicshots.

50ml each of: 

Note : We have recently discontinued Cactus Jackfruit - Instead your order will be completed with our Traditional Cola Base flavour from the Base Zero Range!

2.01 : Cola Bourbon - a clever and tasty take on the popular alcoholic beverage of Bourbon and Traditional Cola.

Base Zero 02 : Traditional Cola - our Original authentic traditional Cola Flavour ! think posh bottle rather than can. - Sublime.

2.03 : Creamy Vanilla Float - An American Style Ice cream float - made with Creamy Madagascan Vanilla, Awesome as is or with an Ice Shot.

2.04 : Orange and Kumquat Cola - The Cola is flavoured with tangy fresh Orange and Ripe Kumquat - making this a truly orange experience.

2.05 : Cherry Liqueur Cola - A step ahead of standard Cerry Cola .. this mixes in finest Kirsch (Cherry Liqueur) - to create a rich flavoursome Cola Liqueur. 

2.06 : Raspberry Cola - A fresh raspberry flavoured traditional Cola, the sharp tang of the raspberry full compliments the Traditional Cola.

2.07 : Cuba Libra - The classic Rum Lime and Cola Cuban Cocktail.

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