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Noggkin - Halloween Special 30ml Shortfill Vape Juice

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Noggkins! Everywhere! especially in the Eggnog!

These are the little Gits responsible for issues on the website - you know, when you are trying to order 4 shortfills to get a discount and can only get three in your basket - or when your favourite juice seems to be magically out of stock, or when that discount just doesn't seem to work ... 

Sometimes they get in the envelopes and cause delays - or even worse .. disappearances!

With the Sabbath fast approaching - we thought we would try and appease the little gimps with a juice sacrifice made especially in their honour.

Enter Noggkin - an unholy mix of Eggnog and Pumpkin spice .. a perfect halloween vape and a great warm up for Christmas.

Very Limited edition ... the little buggers drank half of it.

A 60/40 30ml Shortfill, ideal for 6mg Vapers - requires a Nicshot your choice - we recommend 50/50 for MTL or 100VG nic shots for DTL.

Also Available as a 50ml Shortfill (50ml in a 60ml bottle) - 50ml Noggkin Eliquid

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