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Leaf By Manabush - The Full Range - 30ml for 12mg

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Leaf is a new range of all day tobacco vapes by Manabush.

Manabush are known for tobacco E-liquids, we normally create a tobacco E-liquid base, then create several different tobacco vape juices using that same base.

This range is a little different - This time around each e-liquid in the range is a different tobacco flavour. 

This is your chance to try the Full Range of our new "Leaf" Tobacco Eliquids in one pack - with all the Nicshots you need.

This is the 30ml Pack - ideal for 12mg vapers and contains the following flavours : 

Gran Corona - A Gran Corona is a very big cigar! and this is a very big flavoured cigar tobacco eliquid. Sweet, deep, smokey and leafy with under notes of a dark sweet Maduro ripe cigar wrapper.

Cafe CigarilloA Cigarillo is a shorter thinner cigar, and more mild than its Maduro wrapped big brother Gran Corona E-liquid. This easy all day cigar tobacco vape juice still has that cigar style leafy flavour - but is less dark and a bit less sweet.

Sweet Blonde - This is a lovely leafy sweet tobacco Eliquid with overtones of caramel and slight notes of honey. This blonde tobacco vape juice is a very easy and moreish all day vape.

Blackstone Virginia - Virginia Tobacco (also known as Brightleaf Tobacco) is an aromatic flue cured tobacco that is picked when the leaves start to yellow, the flue curing process turns finished cured tobacco a golden yellow colour, the tobacco has a mild yet aromatic taste.