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Leaf by Manabush - Cafe Cigarillo 30ml Shortfill for 12mg Vapers

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Cigarillo Tobacco E-liquid Shortfill 50ml

A Cigarillo is a shorter thinner cigar, and more mild than its Maduro wrapped big brother Gran Corona E-liquid. This easy all day cigar tobacco vape juice still has that cigar style leafy flavour - but is less dark and a bit less sweet.

This flavour has been especially formulated to burn very clean and has been tested on pods (including the Excellent Evolve Reflex) to 2 weeks on one pod! therefore we denote this cigarillo styled tobacco E-liquid ideal for Pods!

An easy all day tobacco vape.

This is our 30ml Shortfill for 12mg Vapers 10ml in a 30ml bottle - with all the Nicshots you need to make the full 30ml.