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Wick Liquor Shortfills

Carnival 100ml Shortfill By Wick Liquor

Carnival 100ml Shortfill By Wick Liquor

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Wick Liquor Carnival 100ml Shortfill

Step right up to the grand carnival of flavours with Wick Liquor Carnival 100ml Shortfill. This e-liquid extravaganza features the delightful fusion of Santa Monica glazed dough rings and Cholo sugar skull cane, creating a truly exceptional taste experience.

With every draw, you'll be transported to the colourful world of the carnival, where the sweet and indulgent notes of glazed dough rings take center stage. The sugary goodness dances on your palate, offering a delightful sweetness that's nothing short of enchanting. As you continue your vaping journey, the Cholo sugar skull cane adds a unique twist, providing depth and complexity to this remarkable blend.

Wick Liquor Carnival Shortfill comes in a generous 100ml bottle, offering ample room for your preferred nicotine shots. The 70-30 VG/PG ratio ensures a smooth and satisfying vape, complete with impressive vapour clouds.

Whether you're a seasoned vaper or new to e-liquids, Wick Liquor Carnival promises a premium vaping experience that's both whimsical and indulgent. Immerse yourself in the carnival of flavours and discover why it has become a beloved choice among those seeking a deliciously sweet and captivating vaping adventure.

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