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Manabush Eliquid

Buttered Bush - Creamy Butterscotch and Caramel with a hint of Mint!

Buttered Bush - Creamy Butterscotch and Caramel with a hint of Mint!

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Butterscotch, Salty Caramel, Vanilla Cream and Mint shortfill E-liquid Come together in this delightfully dessert styled yet refreshing vape juice.

50ml Shortfill

Served 60/40 VG/PG - using a 50/50 Nicshot will make this an Ideal MTL Vape Juice or use a 100% VG Nic shot to make it a DTL E-liquid.

Buttered Bush is a new collaboration with Manabush and Van Dyke Vapes.

Many of you will remember Van Dyke Vapes, the bowler hatted E-liquid producer of Skipton.

Sadly now retired from the business - and living out his e-liquid retirement as a life guru and cat training coach in the highlands of Scotland, we got Jamie to poke his be-bowler hatted bonce out of his zen solitude to rain down semi-mystical advice to us on creating a Manabush / Van Dyke Vape Collab - one of the last of the old circus tent guard we have to yet to collab with.

The result is, I kid you not “Buttered Bush”, a name chosen only by dint of it being a clever portmanteau of Buttered Nips (Van Dyke’s best selling juice) and ManaBUSH, and for absolutely no other reason whatsoever.

What is Buttered Bush ? Well .. the original Buttered Nips was a mix of butterscotch and menthol, and much sought after by its fans .. even to this day.

Buttered Bush takes that idea and mixes our own Caramel Kiss (Butterscotch, salty caramel and vanilla cream with mint - note MINT not menthol. The result is a surprisingly refreshing dessert vape somewhat reminiscent of the kind of hard boiled sweets your Grandad used to like - Murray would probably have loved them.

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