Collection: Fancy Fruits Salts

Fancy Fruits has all the best nicotine salts to satisfy your nicotine cravings without heavy vapor. Whether you prefer fruit flavored vape juice or fruit eliquids, we've got a wide selection of Nic Salts to choose from. Nicotine Salts provide the smooth hit that many vapers prefer. These Nic Salts use nicotine extracted from tobacco leaves in a way that mimics the way your brain and body receive nicotine from smoking. This makes the nicotine feel smoother and easier to inhale.

We offer many mouthwatering fruit flavors in Nic Salts like mango, peach, cherry and more. The fruity flavor profiles are sure to please even the pickiest vapers. These UK made Nic Salts use only the highest quality nicotine for a premium vaping experience. Compared to regular vape juice, Nic Salts allow you to use a lower power device for a smooth nicotine experience. So if you've been looking for fruit flavored e-liquids that pack a punch without harsh vapor, look no further than Fancy Fruits' selection of Nic Salts. We guarantee our Nic Salts will become your new all day vape.